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Hi All,

First real pass at the BS vignette...testing on Tuesday (Election Day!). I understand now why the "should I overlight/underlight" dilemma is such a pain in the a** for everyone. The Architect's Office drove me insane a little bit and cost me a lot of time. What is the consensus about mixing fixtures? Obviously it's not ideal, but it is done in practice, particularly if they're quantitatively balanced (2 + 2)...and if the primary objective is to achieve the required light level, I feel like that should take precedence(?) At any rate, sorry for the long-winded debrief/inquiry...I've been studying all day and the wires (excuse me, conductors) are fried...
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Erica S
I see you jogged your rigid duct to avoid lights. Makes sense based upon practice. Have you heard anywhere that it's a requirement. I looked through Dorf's videos and he manages to avoid them too but in a straight line.

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Ryan N. Edwards

Discussion  - 
This is a general question for NCARB with regards to the ARE...

I was wondering if there has been any discussion as to providing individuals who pass portions of the exam to receive feedback on the various categories as do individuals who fail.  To be blunt, the fact that NCARB states that the ARE is "not a teaching tool" is completely out of touch with the reality of the examination.  Of course it's a teaching tool.  It provides a framework upon which we as aspiring licensed professionals base our professional standard "baseline".  

With that said, as someone who takes the exam very seriously from a professional standpoint, I believe that I deserve to know which portions of each test I did poorly on so that going forward I know which categories I as a professional am weaker at.  Otherwise, the exam essentially remains a $1,470+ right-of-passage rather that serves more for bragging rights that an element of licensure that in fact is a teaching tool for all of us.
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+Ian Kaminski , I couldn't agree more with you! It's very frustrating that there is no one unified study material source and prep tests.
To top it all off, the scenarios asked on the exam, we never come across with working as interns and might never even encounter in our entire life.
This test does not test our competence as architects (as stated by NCARB). Personally know some people who don't know much but are good guessers, and once they become RA's, they're terrified to put their stamp on anything.
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Ryan N. Edwards

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This question derives from one of the sample questions in the CDS multiple choice video, but is more a General Discussion topic which is why I'm asking it here....  In a fill-in-the-blank question that asks for the answer to be in feet (or any other unit of measure), is the grading software smart enough to know that .75 ft. (to use the example from the video) is the same as .75'..?  Worrying about petty things like this is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of the ARE in my opinion...
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+Ryan NCARB Thanks for the reply...I forgot that on the actual exam the unit(s) are provided as you mentioned...I was looking at the portion of the video where they showed the answer.  Thanks again.
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