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Ryan N. Edwards

Could someone from NCARB provide a simple yes or no answer to the following question...

Assuming all other things are "perfect" (i.e. columns aligned, correct joist spacing, beam and joist lengths within acceptable limits, yellow/gray rule satisfied, etc.), if someone were to omit a beam under a small portion of the clerestory (as in, what if the clerestory were required in the south wall of the practice vignette and you omitted a beam at the southwest corner where it extends past the first floor), would that be considered a critical error? I only ask because I feel like this is one of the only aspects of this vignette that isn't directly addressed in the NCARB SS vignette video...

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

+Michelle NCARB

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Hi All,

First official pass at the vignette. Testing on Tuesday morning. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Also, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I find it much easier to do the 2nd floor first since it's easier to remember to bring down your 2nd floor columns to the 1st... I've had two friends have to retake SS by failing the vignette - with one of them essentially positive that he forgot to bring a column down...not looking to replicate that scenario.
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BDCS Amber Seminar... I realize it's a little late to be asking this (though I do have all week and one more weekend to study), but for this test I broke from Ballast and decided to do the BDCS Amber Seminar. Based on what I've seen (though very few people post on here or on ARE Coach when they pass or fail), I could only find one person who failed the test after taking the seminar, and they only failed because of a failed vignette, not the multiple choice... I'm only curious since the seminar really only covers the 4 primary materials (+ roofs) whereas I'm used to Ballast bludgeoning you with everything. I guess I just keep going back and forth with feeling like I'm not learning as much as I should be for the test...and wanted to see how other people did who took the seminar...and for those who did not pass, what topics they felt they should have studied a bit more... Anyways, rambling...sorry. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi All! First stab at these -- testing next Monday (2/6). Including folding laundry and talking to my wife when she got home, I still managed to finish all three in under 2:45, which makes me feel a little better as I've been putting these off until now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Given than most everyone stresses it, I used the Cut Stair tool even though it wasn't necessary for the practice vignette.... Thank you!!
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Hi All,

First real pass at the BS vignette...testing on Tuesday (Election Day!). I understand now why the "should I overlight/underlight" dilemma is such a pain in the a** for everyone. The Architect's Office drove me insane a little bit and cost me a lot of time. What is the consensus about mixing fixtures? Obviously it's not ideal, but it is done in practice, particularly if they're quantitatively balanced (2 + 2)...and if the primary objective is to achieve the required light level, I feel like that should take precedence(?) At any rate, sorry for the long-winded debrief/inquiry...I've been studying all day and the wires (excuse me, conductors) are fried...

This is a general question for NCARB with regards to the ARE...

I was wondering if there has been any discussion as to providing individuals who pass portions of the exam to receive feedback on the various categories as do individuals who fail.  To be blunt, the fact that NCARB states that the ARE is "not a teaching tool" is completely out of touch with the reality of the examination.  Of course it's a teaching tool.  It provides a framework upon which we as aspiring licensed professionals base our professional standard "baseline".  

With that said, as someone who takes the exam very seriously from a professional standpoint, I believe that I deserve to know which portions of each test I did poorly on so that going forward I know which categories I as a professional am weaker at.  Otherwise, the exam essentially remains a $1,470+ right-of-passage rather that serves more for bragging rights that an element of licensure that in fact is a teaching tool for all of us.

This question derives from one of the sample questions in the CDS multiple choice video, but is more a General Discussion topic which is why I'm asking it here....  In a fill-in-the-blank question that asks for the answer to be in feet (or any other unit of measure), is the grading software smart enough to know that .75 ft. (to use the example from the video) is the same as .75'..?  Worrying about petty things like this is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of the ARE in my opinion...
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