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A little infotainment thrown into the slots industry is always a good thing.
A little infotainment thrown into the slots industry is always a good thing.

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Which Casino Hotel do you think has the best lobby. Personally I would go for Bellagio. I love the colour and warm tones - don't go there :) What's your favourite?
Best Casino Hotel Lobbies (6 photos)
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Living large at Vegas Palms. Yes, there could be far worse things to do.
Vegas Palms Penthouse (4 photos)
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Yes, another hearing on the DOJ's opinion of online poker in the US is scheduled for February 9.

Whilst this hearing is mainly for poker we believe other forms of online gambling will follow quickly. This means casinos, bingo, scratch cards and the like. I don't expect sports betting to be on the horizon as it's always been a more controversial sector, but that's just my opinion.

The main issue is of course taxing revenues generated from players within in The US. Once the powers that be can get a good licensing & regulation system in place it will be full steam ahead. In the meantime they will tell you how bad it can be to play online, not knowing who you can trust etc. Well that is what we are here for but that's a different post.

So, let's hope all goes well so players in The US can get back to a better selection of choices for gambling online. Players outside the States really do benefit from the cream of the crop in terms of casinos. The software platforms are just superior - it's the truth.

Players in the States have less options in terms of software providers, although good casinos still exist. If you reside in The US check out the US players section of

Here's looking to positive change on the gambling front in 2012!

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The Party is Not Over!

We'll have none of that "The Party is Over" nonsense. The fun is just starting people!

What am I so chipper about? The chance to Samba the night away in a sea of colour of course. Yes, Rio de Jeinero could be a few spins away for me - and you too of course.

Intercasino is kicking the year of with their "Casino to Carnival" contest. $12,400 intotoal will be given away. The main prize is a trip for two to Rio worth $4,000. This includes flights, 4 star accommodation and tickets to the Sambadrome!

To win the main prize or $8,400 in other prizes simply make an entry by playing before the end of January. Yes I know this is late notice, but better late than never. You still have one week to go so visit Intercasino already.

USA Players are not accepted unfortunately.

Check out the Intercasino Review Page on for more info

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Losing your shirt playing slot machines !

I think the cliche is taken a little far with this guy. He seems to have lost his shirt - and consciousness - at the slot machines.

This pic was taken in Vegas. I think Sin City got the better of this die hard. I'm sure he'll use the "Too much sun" excuse, I'm not buying it.

Got a Vegas story?

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High Roller Alert !

So I'm kinda in holiday mode right now, no apparent reason.

For all high rollers, this should be to your liking. Ever slept 20 feet under the ocean in ultimate luxury? Come on, surely you have, hasn't everybody? No, ok, check out the image below.

This is a luxury suite at a hotel in the Maldives. Price per night - $15,000! That's a lot of spins at your favourite online casino! If you can afford that and don't have a favourite online casino, let me hook you up - apologies, fishing humour, keeping with the underwater theme.

The rest of us will have to make do in above sea level accommodation, such treachery!

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Need a little me time ?

Let's imagine you win the Majo Millions jackpot and need to escape the pressures of the world for a while. Where would you go?

Check out this little gem. It would be on my top places to visit if I win a big online jackpot. It's Le Taha in French Polynesia. The bungalows are situated in the water with Bora Bora on the horizon. The water is only waist deep, so a refreshing frolick is off your deck.

Yes, cocktails, blue skies, turquoise waters, silence, yes please!

Where would you go?

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The Fruit Bowl for The Super Bowl !

Personally I rather enjoy watching The Super Bowl. Unfortunately it will be yet another year without my beloved Broncos playing – no comments thanks – but it’s still a good days entertainment regardless.

As much as I enjoy football the adverts are probably the biggest talking point at the water cooler on Monday. The half time show on the other hand, well that’s hit or miss right.

So, with that said, I don’t really feel like watching Madonnas half time show this year. I am going to spend my time playing the Fruit Bowl slot game instead. It’s a little bit of fruit, a little bit of football and some cash prizes to boot – pun intended.

If you get bored of the material girl check out the game. You can play it at Slots of Vegas Casino. Enjoy the Super Bowl this year!

Oh, let us know what you think of the slot game if you play.

See the review for Slots of Vegas Casino by clicking on the link below.

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I Have Millionaire Envy!

How about starting off 2012 as a Millionaire?

Sounds pretty good to me! I could do with a little time off from the rat race, perhaps a 2 month overseas vacation? Perhaps pay off the bond on the old shack, how about a new flash ride? I am picturing roof down in the mountains on a cloudless day. Ah yes, a cool million sure would be a great way to start off the New Year!

So yes, I have Millionaire envy. What brought this on? I was doing my monthly rounds at the casinos I recommend and noticed the latest big winner at Spin Palace. A cool $1,789,065.44 to be precise.

That’s a lot of cash in one spin. Imagine you hit that jackpot, not sure what my reaction would be, probably stunned silence – until the adrenaline boost in oh, 3 seconds!!

Anyway, what would you do if you won that sort of loot? It’s fun to think about right?

See the review for Spin Palace Casino by clicking on the link below.
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