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Can we start some opensource project as opencv sample implementation in android and post it to github ? I think it is very helpfull to become a learning path for a developer as im also confuse how to start and learn the basic.

I don't understand which one should i follow to start using opencv in android development, i found this opencv( blog guide me to download TADP but this ( article guide me to download directly from opencv sourceforge. This 2017 and android developer using Android Studio not eclipse anymore.

Is this group still active ?

Hello developers, i need suggestion / guide, i'm get offering for making app like instagram which is able to do the image processing / video processing. As far as im grinding the basic knowledge i found that using protobuf+rx should be better to do the network operation. But i'm stuck about how can i process the images or videos ? Is there any library that can helping me to do the image/video processing operations like edit the images, trim the video, etc.

Any suggest what device should i use for wearable device for learning purposes ? Because this is 2017 i believe wearable technology could be different on the past year.

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