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Have you been watching?
I wasn't blown away with the first episode, but then I'm not sure if was blown away by this point in the novel either? My only complaint about the first episode was Bilquis and the New God of the Internet. What we got from her was kinda tame—I wanted someth...

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IF you've read my book, stop by and see what I thought of these. If not, read my book then come back. :)
 !!!!!DUN DUN DUN!!!!! Healer's Ruin Don't fight it, Ride it! , August 20, 2016 This review is from: Healer's Ruin (Kindle Edition) This novel intrigued me because its approach is totally unique. But
if you think it isn’t, ask your self: Have I read a work...

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Why do I write in Reverse? by author K.R Conway
Not long ago I was on the phone with another author friend while hashing
out a story idea I had. When I was done, she replied, “Dude – you’re
incapable of writing a straight contemporary story.” Word. The truth is, she’s right. I mean, I COULD do it, but ...

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Get the Heart!

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Be Honest—Darth Maul: Love to Hate and Hate to Love.
Who didn't want to see Star Wars Phantom Menace simply cause of Maul? That's right, everyone. HE was the guy! THE MAN! You wanted him to kick ass and take names and leave a swath of dead Jedi in his path. He was so cool. So bad ass. His tattoos. His horns. ...

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JL: I just can't get excited
It looks like Snyder has learned nothing...

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ITS BACK!!!!!!
1) It's one of the best Scifi Shows on TV 2) If you're not watching it, I'm not sure what you're doing with your life. 3) FIRST EPISODE OF NEW SEASON WAS CRAZY GOOD!!!!

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I have seen it. Better than expected. *Star Lord and Mystique deliver :)

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I have seen it. And it was good.

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Rhythm: The Enemy of Story, by Aahabershaw
Link : Zzzzz… This is going to be partly a writing post, partly a gaming post, and
partly a literary post. I don’t outline these things, so who the hell
knows what’s going to happen next. Let’ start with… (throws dart)
literature. Okay, so the past few y...
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