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Narendran S

I've just become Memdicant on Memrise - the best place to learn any language
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Reverse String using default function
public class stringbuffer { public static void main(String args[]) { StringBuffer sbuffer = new StringBuffer("NARENDRAN"); System.out.println(sbuffer.reverse()); } }
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good evening frnds....
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பொது சிவில் சட்டத்தை இங்கிருந்து ஆரம்பிக்கலாமே.......:
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True one !!!..
Most women when are between 45-50 and midst of their menopause, often tend to ask their family - What is my status in this house?

While grown-up children become busy with friends and the old (+50) husband starts loosing interest in her, she goes through an identity crisis. Her family wonders what has gone wrong with her? Few in the family realise that what all she has been doing over the years and continues to do now is taken for granted and is no more recognised!!!

If she were to answer her own question her reply is

-I am a full time servant & slave, euphemistically called working house-wife .

 I work 24 hours a day..... -
 I'm a "mum", -
I'm a wife, -
 I'm a daughter, -
 I'm a daughter-in-law..... -
I'm an Alarm clock, -
I'm a Cook, -
 I'm a Maid, -
 I'm a Teacher, -
I'm a waiter, -
 I'm a nanny, -
 I'm a nurse, -
I'm a handyman, -
 I'm a Security officer, -
I'm a Counselor, -
I'm a comforter, -

I don't get holidays, -
 I don't get sick leave, -
 I don't get day off...... -
I work through day and night..... -
 I'm on call...... -
 all hours and get paid with a question every now and then..... "what do you do all day?" 

- --------------------------------- invites your views too!!
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Today 1st semi final match between Pun vs Kol, Eagerly waiting for the match!!!....
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Don't depend on anyone in this world
Even your shadow leaves you
When you are in darkness

Good Morning and Have a Blissful Day Ahead....:-)
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