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Nick Alvord
everything is better with a pinch of pink(ie pie)
everything is better with a pinch of pink(ie pie)

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this si better i swear

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WHY U GUYS ALWAYS POST HENTAI/R34 WTF??? i cant check g+ infront of my friends, fam now =/

and now im off! to obtain more money for the steaam sale

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Wednesday Afternoon come on down to the intersection of spring and county line roads to see me and dylan scraton dansen it up, possibly filmed, possibly move dto thursday

wow, theres alot of people with the last name alvord aswell =/ there goes my hopes of finnding my faamily

hey +Dylan McKay Scraton on thursday after school im going to county line and gonna caramell dansen all afternoon u wanna come with?

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goal for thursday, sleep is too mainstream
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