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Surprised to see no content by +Art Russ? That's because Android Police moved to +Android Police a long time ago and this place has been dead for a while. What are you still doing here? Get to circling +Android Police and uncircling +Art Russ.
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This message posted because someone actually told me to update the G+ page already. Wrong one, buddy.
does this mean art russ will not be posting ever and will not have a G+ account?
I was hoping to see something from art. Not everything is work related... :-D
lol. I want to stay on both. Incase there is a secret giveaway on Art Russ.
I am already following both personal account and android police. Just too busy / lazy to unfollow
same here but since you asked nicely I unfollowed this one
Eventually +Art Russ will post something amazing and only us "cool kids" will see it.
This is confusing and makes me want to continue to follow Art Russ.
Yeah, every once in a while +Art Russ ends up making cool posts like this... that I definitely don't want to miss.
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