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these headphones look awesome
Nice, shame it's US only though lol
Looks awesome! I need some new ear buds.
Very good review. I had heard good things about these... wanna try them for MYSELF!
my daughter would love these, I can't tell you how many ear buds I've bought!!!
Always down for new headphones.
Looking forward to winning these and seeing if they can handle me.
Should be a good set of headphones for when I work
sweet, hook me up!!! i recently lost my good headphones to my daughter!
Great have been Looking for new ear buds! Winning some would be better then buying then! Lol
Yeah, they do look pretty badass to have.
Juts to have a nice pair of head phones for once, would be nice. Here's hoping I win!
no more breaking ear buds. that would be nice.
All black headphones always looked awesome!! :)
I would really love to try a pair of headphones that might survive my kids for longer than a few weeks
I need something to replace my teenage mutant ninja turtle over the ear headphones 
Cool! Yes please and thank you very much!
A Chuck norris endorsed these ear buds
As long as they are more durable than the Bose ear buds, I will be happy. those lasted one year before they crapped out. I'm still bitter over that.
Look sweet! I'm cheap and plasticy so they should make a good fit with me!
Nice, I just throw my old ones, this would be a good replacement
I'm constantly burning through in-ears. I wouldn't mind trying a pair that's built to last a little while. 
those look pretty sweet! I would like a pair please!!
Meh. I'll stick to my Sennheiser CX-300 IIs. (Not ruggedized, but I don't need ruggedized)
Rugged headphones are a must unless you don't take your music with you. Would have to hear the bass myself to see if it's too much.
I need some new headphones, you know you love me android police!
I like the red version :)
Would go great with my Star Wars Rebel Alliance headphones as an on-the-go pair.
As i have managed to kill 3 sets of iphone inear ones in the last 3 months, really need a change!
Review is amazing.. would love to have a pair..
I go through a lot of ear buds. Maybe these will last a little longer since they are ruggedized
Nice review, seemed like an average jo talking about the ear buds he used. thanks.
This would be pretty sweet to try out. Since the cheap earbuds last for a few weeks.
I could use a good pair of headphones. A good, not great, pair of headphones according the the police.
They look pretty rad. XD I always buy the cheapest headphones I can find so something maybe more durable would be pretty cool. ^.^
Well, these would be nice to have.
I'd take a pair in black
I need these for work, being forced to listen to country music sucks :( 
I've torn so many headphone cords due to week joints. Could use a new pair!
+ Alex Vartanian country music is where it's at 
Could always use another set of headphones. My wife keeps taking mine cause she's always destroying hers. From the look of it, these could last her a while.
These headphones would really go along with awesome design of my HTC Incredible S... but, as always: ...I'm a loser baby! :)
These seem much better than the awful $20 JVC headphones an HHGregg employee recommended. Then again, you can't expect anything too amazing sounding for $20. :-)
I somehow doubt that they would survive me. I have resorted to just buying cheap headphones in bulk.
Need something for these new phones, since they shipping without them, So Gimmie
Damn, I need a new pair of headphones, hope I win :)
Need a good pair of headphones for biking/hiking, would love to try them out.
I commute daily, I've gone through tons of headphones, maybe a rugged pair would be better.
For my RUGGEDIZED live I need one of those!
I do need some decent headphones...
I've been needing some strong headphones for a while now!
Would like to take those for a spin.
Would be great to hear music the way it's supposed to sound! :-)
I definitely need a new pair of headphones. They look pretty good.
It really seems to be a great Headphone, hope its sound is really good!
I am eager to use it and want to hear its sound... I hope the sound of it will be an awesome..
ooooh, I so need new headphones! Ones that don't become a tangled mess as soon as I take them out of my ears sound nice... thanks for the review!
looks good, although i like more enclosed headphones, but that's not very practical for everyday use...
Excellent article. I've been looking for a new pair of headphones. This article gives me a very good idea what to start looking out for as well. GJ! =)
I absolutely love JLab earphones! I've had three different JLab earphones in the last 2 years and all of them were stunning!
I need something like this. I break headphones at least once a month
I always tear through my earbuds so fast
I better win these headphones... i dont own any head phones, and the ones i made from string and cups suck!!! lol :P
I have to buy new headphones every month because they break. Maybe these would keep up better.
I'd love to have these to use with my Xoom!
Looking for a new pair of earbuds, as mine are complete crap.
These would be sweet to have when school starts, then I wouldn't be so scared of using headphones while cycling since there ruggedized! :D
Always looking for a tough set of headphones.
Great timing. My JBud J2's JUST broke last week from dropping my phone off my keyboard tray at work (foot would catch the headphone cord and land right on the J2's jack connector). Maybe the J4's will last longer...

Also, in regard to the critique about overemphasized bass: JLabs almost always recommends cranking some music at high volumes through the headphones for a good 24-48 hours straight before judging the audio quality. I've had two sets of J2's and can verify that it makes a difference. And no, I don't own JLabs stock.
Wouldn't mind winning a pair of these :)
Looks nice ;) and it's a good review what androidpolice made.
I owe the none rugged models, so amazingly well constructed.
These look promising compared to some of the crap out there
I could really use a new pair of earbuds to replace the 3 that my wife lost. D:
These would be perfect for my wife and I when we ride the motorcycle together! (also for discreet gaming while she's watching her TV Shows! Thank's +Art Russ , you're awesome!
Rugged looking, like they would actually stand up to my typical ear bud abuse
I bought a pair of these and absolutely loved them. They disappeared a couple of months ago and I have been desperately hoping they'd turn up :/
I've spend hundreds on earbuds but still haven't found the perfect pair. Hope these be them.
I may have to check these out. Every pair of headphones I have bought in the past have torn up within a year or so.
pick up a pair of NuForce NE-700X (or the version with mic) from and use code "UPGRADE30" for 30% off (free shipping too, I live in FL and got them in 2days via priority USPS) way better quality and sound... here's my review @ w00t w00t!
These look awesome!
I would recon there great for cycling to school when it raining (and it does that a lot here in holland), whit my current earbuds I don't want to try that.
i have j2's and j3's... need some j4's
How do these compare to the premium Zune headphones?
Would love to try these out but can't bring myself to drop $50 on some earbuds
Man I'm really in need of a new pair of earphones.. My old ones are just ready for retirement LOL.. I loved the product review. I hope that since I didn't win any of your giveaways I can get some new earphones =)
I'm always looking for a nice set of earbuds since mine eventually always short out. Hopefully these work a bit longer.
Hatim V
Good review, but not convinced if i should i buy them.
Nice review. Cant wait to try them out. ;)
Would love to give them a try. I'd like to see how the bass really sounds and play with an equalizer to try and get just the right sound of out em.
Just broke my headphones. Am not productive without them. Do my boss a favor and pick me for the buds. Thanks.
Josh De
Sounds like a good giveaway.
Can't go wrong with another pair of headphones
I'll will one these someday. Though I really like my wicked audio buds for the moment 
Tom Yu
This headphone looks sleek!!
They do look nice, not cheap looking at least. I bet I would love those headphones. I'm all about big base sound. =0)

Overall rating
I like the idea of a rugged set of earphones that blast bass
The flat cable is actually a plus, it makes them hard to tangle up :)
Design looks fabulous. Hope the sound is equally good.
I break phone accessory things often so Ruggedized anything is good! I'm sure these could be of use to me!
I could use some new headphones. I'm still rocking hard plastic earbuds that came with an mp3 player like 5 years ago.
These look awesome! I'd love to own a pair in black!
would be nice to get one of these
These would be perfect for someone like me i go thru headphones like some of you go thru underwear
Those are just what I need. I ride a motorcycle. I have to have a play/pause that is high up and easily reached while driving. I love listening to music while riding, but if I need to hear I need to be able to pause quickly with out trying to find the button. Also it helps to be able to answer a call quickly when I need to. I think the heavier flat cable wont flap around as much as most cables. I'm currently using a LG Optimus V and I'm using the stock headset. Many times on the bike my cable blows around behind me because of the wind. A lot of the time the play/pause buttons is on the back of my neck because of the wind instead of down on my chest where it should be. Hopefully I win a pair of these. If I do I'll likely write my own review of how the handle on a motorcycle. 
looks like the one for exercising...
interesting they would pump up the base... maybe they were going for the HTC investment also.
These look a lot more durable than anything I've come across to date.
I'm a big fan of JLabs, they have decent products and great customer support.
I've had my eye on these buds for awhile, since I can't afford anything that isn't strictly "needed for my survival", here's to hoping I get some sweet headphones to rock out - recession style!
The shortest route to this man's heart is via the word "ruggedized".
I need these rugged headphones....
Given how many headphones/earbuds I have destroyed, I am actually considering these.
I only buy cheap headphones, so build quality wouldn't be an issue for me.
i bought a pair about a month ago after the wiring on my old jbuds got messed up from being zipped up in my purse one too many times. i am sooo happy with these. i listen to electronica and absolutely love the bass.
I want it :)
I like the buttery biscuit bass
Would love a set of earbuds that stands up to everyday use!
supposedly in the end..... each of us will stand a 1/500 chance of winning......Still better than lotto :) will take my chances .... #ArtRoss #Android Police
First of all I love Androidpolice and second i absolutely need new Headphones... Can i get them in black? ;)
I'm so tired of shorted out plug wires on my head phones after about a month. Lets see if these can hold up for 6 months. And with a mic too. I need a pair. They could be used daily.
I just threw away my old headphones, (paint and left headphone was broken) So it'd be great if I could save $50 and win these :D
These just might be what I've been looking for. Great review! I'm thinking red's my color choice. Thanks for the chance!
These look perfect for using under my motorcycle helmet.
These earphones don't look half bad. And would probably be easier to carry around compared to my full-sized superlux headphones. :)
Looks like a pretty decent replacement for the ones I just lost in the woods.
Need a new pair of headphones for the office...that if I accidentally run them over with my chair in my cube...they won't be annihilated...
Been needing a new pair, and I'm tired of replacing my cheap Koss earbuds every three months. These would be terrific; I'm highly abusive of my 'buds while at work.
Pretty nifty Android Police! I would love to win! You never rigged that last contest for me!
love to get a pair - in black, I really need it !
At least it looks good!

Overall rating
cool, i'd like to give these a try.
Awesome earphones, my Android messed his pouch at the thought that these earphones could penetrate his 3,5" hole, one day, if I get lucky enough.
How ever much they got a beating i like the part where they still feel plastic and weak even tho stated there rugged strange but love try em out one day with my android device
I currently am using a pair of j2 earbuds, and it would be so cool to win These!!!!!!
i would love these in my hands.. thanks! :)
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