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Look what just showed up. Awww yeahhh indeed!
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<----- drooling - pre-order commencing tonight when i get home!
Only been playing with it for a few minutes, but initial impressions are very good!
Only thing I can imagine is that the screen is too big [4.5"] for the 'lowish' resolution. I really wish they had bumped it up to qHD.

I'm also trying to find out of the Epic 4G Touch has NFC capability? Big disappointment for me if it doesn't.
I love my Droid Charge, I'm sure the Epic 4G Touch will be even more amazing. The only thing I don't like with these new phones is the screen size. I wish they had kept the 4.3" screen size.
You must be a pc gamer, I see the good ole MX518 on the desk lol.
+Tim Glaser It certainly doesn't feel like the resolution is a problem, even compared to my (now "old") EVO. Compared to the qHD PenTile on my Photon it's definitely a step up. I do think 4.5" is about on the upper limits of what I'd call comfortable though, and I have slightly larger than average hands.

+Keith Freeman Yup, big time. BC2 almost daily, pre-ordered BF3, and lots of other SP RPGs/FPSs in between. (cc +Chris Cooper)
Beautiful! I just ordered mine, but won't get it until Monday since I'm on a major corp. account. I am also coming from an HTC EVO so I am quite interested in hearing your thoughts and comparison +Aaron Gingrich .
Hey, +Jordan Hotmann the fastest way to have NFC near you is to buy a device and make other away of it. Soon vendor and retailer will start the use of NFC.
I just got a photon today, so I'll wait for the reviews to see if I want to return it and grab this phone. Add me on steam, Lancerz.
After playing with one at the Samsung experience store thing in NYC I must say the galaxy s2 phones are great.
+Jordan Hotmann actually i dont' like notification LED's and usually shut them off. NFC is something that leads us to future technologies. And besides, notification LED's are mostly standard. Its like saying 'i'd rather have speakerphone than bluetooth, speakerphone is far more important.' I maintain that we should have both.

In fact I thought that NFC was a requirement of 'new' Gingerbread phones.
NFC will gain traction in the next 22 months (length of contract before upgrade eligibility) so you want it included
So jealous, can't wait to order my hercules!
There was a time that people wondered what they would ever do with Credit Cards, because there wasn't even as much acceptance or even a way to push them into the market when they first appeared. I suspect NFC will catch on a bit faster than CCs, but it still won't be instant. The part I find more exciting about NFC is that as a technology it's capable of more than just paying for a jacket at Calvin Klein or jimmying a door open, it can easily be used for a lot of other really cool things, and not just between you and a retailer or your home, but with anybody else with an NFC capable device. I'm not a crazed fanboy of the tech, I'm a realist about it so I know that it's not going to be a world-changing affair for a long time if ever, but it stands a good chance of becoming a useful tool as it grows up a bit.
+Jordan Hotmann More people live in large cities than smaller ones now. I can't get this phone anyways since I have the Epic 4G and don't have an upgrade until 6/1/11, but I think I would hold off on this phone from Sprint anyways. Sticking with a phone for 22 months, I don't like to start off with missing features.
It'd only be classified as missing if you'd actually get around to needing it. Now, it's just a nerd tool.
I'm confident that I would 'get around to using it'. In any case, I try to 'vote with my dollars' when possible, and not buying something that from my perspective is missing a feature is the only way I can do that. For example, if 3D was an important feature to me, I'd make sure to get a 3D phone. However I don't care about 3D, so I won't be buying one of those. Most seem to not care about NFC, whereas it seems like a very useful feature to me. shrugs I think we can all agree that its disappointing that the feature wasn't included since the Nexus S has had it this whole time. Not including it feels like taking a step back.
If I had a 3D printer could i use this pic and print this phone out???
+Jordan Hotmann So you're saying Google Wallet is over 22 months away? I don't think so. Go to the site and punch in your zip code. You'll see merchants that are ready to accept payments. That doesn't include the merchants that are planning rollouts of PayPass capable terminals. I see the new VeriSign units all over my city. The merchant list includes Home Depot, Office Depot, Best Buy, Exxon, and others chains not including local owned businesses.
NFC would be disabled ASAP, if my phone ever had it. Not a fan, so wont be missed. Really hoping the Prime is the same phone as this one, just bumped up a bit.
+DCRocks SDX I wonder if the rumor's of the prime having a metal case like iPhones will be true.
The Epic 4G Touch will be my next Android smartphone. It's the perfect smartphone to replace my actual Samsung Galaxy S.
+Tim Glaser Would be awesome. Not sure how Apple will like that though, lol. My Epic is still rocking, and my GF is loves her EVO, so there really is no rush for me. Getting a new line for the kid in a month or two, so really thinking I'm gonna hold out.Still, if Prime skips Sprint, gonna go with the Epic Touch
Should this phone have come with NFC? sure. Is it a disappointment? No. You can easily put NFC in this puppy. There are sd cards that have this feature just Google it. Not if you really need it built into the phone then you would be disappointed to know it doesn't bring a sd card inside for storage. Neither does the Photon. =) this phone is amazing and missing NFC is not a big deal when you can add it with no problem. 
I'm waiting until i can get my full upgrade. need to stretch those dollars ALL the way out.
Its an awesome phone.. had mine for awhile now and have not found anything to complain about.. except the high cost of data in Canada..
Did everyone see the unboxing? This baby looks like it will bring the Hdmi adapter. Can you confirm this friend request, +Aaron Gingrich 
I think you should send it my way when you're through with it :)
Looks like my galaxy s2 (south african name probably) and all I have to say is its the best phone I have had yet. Although my only complaint with the S1 was the the shitty flashless camera, and should say I still love my S1 just as much. Samsung for the win!
I have been using iphones since it came out in 2007 (upgraded to all the latest iphones - 4) but recently moved to android with this samsung beast.. and i must say.. i made the right decision... been using it for over a month now in middle east (where it is called Galaxy S II) and i am impressed......
+Asif, many more iPhone users need to check these Android beasts out.
i am trying to convert people around me.. its like asking them to change their religion (blind faith)
Alot of people feel that Apple is just fine the way it is and don't like change. Can't figure out how to use other UI's or so use to it that they get comfortable with staying where they are. IPhone is a great phone but I can't see myself locked down without choice. Android allows me to choose freely what I want on my phone. Samsung is imo the best at Android. 
Don't like how Samsung has Bing'ed out their devices. I happy with the minimal blot ware Blur added to the X and now Bionic. HTC Sence seemed overkill to a already good UI.
Actually +Nate Haller, that's Verizon, not Samsung. The (Sprint) Epic 4G Touch has Google still :)
Lol I bing bing! Yep verizon. But remember too that they make money for putting Apps preinstalled so I would rather they put them in and root to remove then to not have them installed and have to pay more for a phone
I love Sense. Won't go back to one without.
Hey + Aaron Gingrich does the Hdmi adapter come in the box? 
It didn't come in phone box, but it did come in the shipping box, albeit in a separate baggy.
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