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Cool, just shared this post!
The tablet interface is very... very... is nothing compared with PC version!
Great to see updates rolling out. 
+Bradley Gogats Oh, I was wondering wtf was going on with that. Even filed a bug with them.
Some dumbass gave the app 3 stars because he said, and I quote, "this app is too buggy for a beta." I preceded to facepalm so hard my wife felt it.
Instant upload - clear data or uninstall/reinstall worked for me.
Didn't see the update in the market, so decided to reinstall. Now market says: "Not available in your country". wtf?
I have noticed that notifications for the Android app seem to come in pretty sparsely. Is that a design feature, or a bug?
I know it's too early but this app desperatly needs Honeycomb support...
It was high time that sharing is possible. I'm going to try it out right away by sharing your good news! 
What phone are you using? 5.6 isn't that much...
Next time get a Motorola or Samsung phone. They have 16gb internal. 
My Desire HD has just over a gig of internal memory usable for apps, and I haven't even used half of the available memory yet, and that's with all apps moved to internal memory as well.
That's why I will Never buy a HTC phone. Or Sony Ericsson. 
Yes... They all have low internal storage. 
ah.. finally... long waited reshare on G+ app!!
And still has geo-restrictions on downloading :(
Does the app post thumbnails / summary now when sharing links?
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