Since XDA decided to take a public jab at us here, here's our public response:!/AndroidPolice/status/121706256275738625!/AndroidPolice/status/121707476885311488

Along with some more @ replies at

Update: xda or ez or any other members were never part of the discussion - Trevor came to us, and we started working with him and nobody else. Nobody else's name was mentioned to us until today when xda unexpectedly called us out, followed by Trevor amending his original post (which wasn't even posted on xda in the first place) and adding a note about ez's help with contacting HTC. At the time of the writing, Trevor spotted the specific vulnerability we investigated, Trevor came up with all the proof-of-concept code, and Trevor came to us - he was credited properly, end of story. Who BBC or whoever ended up crediting is BBC's and whoever's business. With the new information about ez's involvement with putting Trevor in touch with HTC, I've updated the original article and added him to the credits. Shame on you, xda, for pulling what you pulled today.
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