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Landscape mainly. But I think that I would use it in portrait also if the G Tablet didn't have such an awful viewing angle.
When browsing landscape
When reading portrait.
Depends on what I'm doing, but mostly landscape.
Landscape. Rarely use portrait, usually in ebooks.
before casting my vote I'm going to guess Landscape will be the most popular layout
I voted portrait. Galaxy notes count, right?
Depends on the app. If they are properly designed for tablets I often use landscape otherwise you are pretty much forced to portrait.
I use my tablet for almost everything. But if I were to count how long (in hours, not productivity), I would have to admit that I watch a fair share of movies on my tablet. Landscape is the predominant mode, for me.
You forgot to add thee comments with the possible options for easy plussing.
Portrait for books, landscape for everything else
I am very annoyed when an app forces me to leave landscape on my tablet, or supports it oddly; ditto on phones I'm annoyed when an app doesn;t support both because I tend to use both on my phone :-)
Yes, depends on the app or current body position. Also changes depending on if I am wearing polarized sunglasses.
+Terry Poulin Some screens are not visible clearly when wearing polarized sunglasses, if you turn the device on it's side it becomes clearly visible again. It has to do with the way polarization blocks light in certain orientations. Pick up a set of polarized fishing glasses at Wal-mart and try it out.
+Ed Stapleton Ah, that makes sense then. I would probably know that if I wore sun glasses often enough :-/.
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