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Art Russ
Former account for Android Police. Please circle +Android Police instead.
Former account for Android Police. Please circle +Android Police instead.

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Surprised to see no content by +Art Russ? That's because Android Police moved to +Android Police a long time ago and this place has been dead for a while. What are you still doing here? Get to circling +Android Police and uncircling +Art Russ.

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That's gold.
[AT&T Code Scanner]

Of course there is no reasonable situation where a barcode scanner app would ever need to access your camera. Ever!


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Which do you think looks better?

Wondering why Android news is missing from your G+? Still following +Art Russ?

Follow +Android Police then, silly, because that's where all the fun is. +Art Russ has permanently moved.

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Over 320 votes already... head on over to the site to cast yours!

How is it that +Art Russ still has almost 25k followers here on G+ while +Android Police has about half of that, and the former isn't decreasing?

Don't you people know what's good for you? :-] Migrate to +Android Police and uncircle +Art Russ if you want the conversations to keep flowing into your streams.

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Holy crap.

Attention: if you haven't seen it yet, the +Art Russ account has been permanently moved to the official Google Plus page +Android Police.

Please uncircle +Art Russ to avoid accidental duplicate posts - this account is now inactive.
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