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Michael Smith

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+Naoko Smithが昨日書いたすごくいい新しいブログエントリーです。
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米国の大学院卒業を機に夫と結婚し、昨年の5月に夫の住むこの大都会、花のみやこ東京に引っ越して来た。それから一年近く経とうとしている最近になってようやく、東京に住んでいる、という「気」がするようになってきた。というのも、今まではどこか自分の居場所が不透明と言うか、東京に居を構えてはいるものの、吹きすさぶこの東京砂漠が日々吐き出すようにオファーしてくれるものの数々を、上手く消化しきれていない、そんな気がしていたからだ。 二月最後の金曜日、新宿の...
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Michael Smith

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+Naoko Ishikura translated a great short poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa. I’ve not read many of Tanikawa’s poems, but of the ones I have read so far, I like this one best. Here’s the full text:

The poet

The poet always looks in the mirror, whenever there is a mirror,
In order to check whether or not he is a poet
It's his own theory that we can't tell if one is a poet by reading a poem, but
We can tell at first glance by looking in the mirror
The poet is dreaming of his face becoming a postage stamp one day
If possible, he says he wants to become a real cheap stamp
Because that way, he gets to be licked by many people
The wife of the poet is cooking yakisoba noodles
With a sulky look

A few days back, +Naoko Ishikura also translated another Tanikawa poem, “A lyric of Tokyo”:

#poetry, #tanikawa
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Michael Smith

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Inspired by #Engelbart since 1990
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Michael Smith

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Tatsuo Horiuchi is a 73 year-old artist that uses Microsoft Excel as a tool to create his works of art. He started his hobby when he retired and chose Excel because it was a cheaper software than graphic editors like for example Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, according to Tatsuo Horiuchi, Excel ->
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Michael Smith

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Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support - updated today
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Michael Smith

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Today we reached revision 8000 of the HTML standard. We started tracking revisions in March 2006, about two years after we started work on HTML in the WHATWG, which itself was about 6 months after we first started the work on updating HTML (when we first started, we called the work "XForms Basic", because we were trying to show that you could do much of what XForms did, by just extending plain old HTML — that work eventually made it into the forms section of the current HTML standard).

That's an average of three checkins a day, every day, for over seven years! That's what progress looks like. :-) Some checkins are trivial one-character typo fixes, some, like today's r8000, are big multi-thousand-line diffs (r8000 integrates the new <template> element into HTML, based on a proposal by Rafael (of Google) and Tony (of Microsoft), and implemented already in Chrome and Firefox).

As of right now my metrics tell me there's 1199 feedback e-mails remaining to process, and 156 bugs. So still lots of work to do.
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Michael Smith

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Had a great time visiting +Shiki Okasaka with +***** and +Naoko Ishikura today at Shiki's café in Kyoto, Esrille Café, and seeing the results of his work on Escort browser. Plus, Jiminy was eating my fingers and my ears...
今日はエスリルに+Anne van Kesterenさん、+Michael Smithさんご夫婦が突然遊びに来てくれてびっくり。XPS12であわててescortをビルドして動かしてみたり、案の定途中でクラッシュしたり(笑)
What a surprise: +Anne van Kesteren, +Michael Smith and his wife visited us at Esrille today. I set up the Escort web browser in XPS12 in a rush and showed it to them. Of course it crashed during the demonstration once or twice. :-)
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Michael Smith

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Happy to see pull requests still coming in from the participants of the Shadow DOM group in the "Test the Web Forward".
I've merged about 30 pull requests in the past three days. That made me happy. :)

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Michael Smith's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend. - Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference - Rege...

At you will find a wide range of in-depth information about a powerful search pattern language called regular expre


ソーシャルブックマークサービス Pinboard 用のクライアントアプリです。DeliciousDroid から派生しました。- ブックマークの追加、編集、閲覧、削除 - ブックマークとタグの同期 - ホーム画面用のウィジェット - ブックマークのタイトル、タグ、ノートの検索 -

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CrashPlan: Get Your Files On-The-GoIf you’re already backing up with award-winning, cross-platform CrashPlan+, you know that it's great to a


OpenPGP for Android. It's open source and its goal is to provide a similar OpenPGP implementation as GnuPG.NOTE: BACK UP YOUR SECRET KEYS! P

Well, I'm Back: Mozilla And The Silicon Valley Cartel

This article, while overblown (e.g. I don't think "no cold calls" agreements are much of a problem), is an interesting read, especially the

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Mobile usage of screen readers continues to increase significantly - from 61% in May 2012 to 72% in January 2014. Desktop usage has slightly

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With algorithms subtle and discrete I seek iambic writings to retweet. When longer verse your humble...


EditorConfig core library written in C (for use by plugins supporting EditorConfig parsing). Last updated November 22, 2013. Java; 4 · 0 · e

What is WebRTC? WebRTC is enabling a revolution of web communications, but it can be tricky to get started. The suite is a collection

Quora unblocker for Greasemonkey

Removes the Quora login requirement and any nagging about it