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Have a look at our new blog post answering the frequent questions we get related to Hair Transplants.

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Hair Transplant FAQ
Is Getting A Hair Transplant Painful? This procedure is carried out with a local anesthetic. At no point will you
experience any pain, although you may at times feel as if someone is tugging at
your hair which is somewhat uncomfortable. You will be awake th...

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The hair transplant process
These days, nobody has to put up with thinning hair , regardless of whether they're male or female. The hair transplant process has evolved to deliver greater comfort and convenience to patients at increasingly affordable prices. The Ailesbury Hair Clinic u...

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Suffering from thinning hair and need a hair transplant?

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How to deal with thinning hair
40% of men will have to deal with some degree of hair loss by the age of 35,
and the figure raises by over 50% by the age of 60. For most men, experiencing
some kind of hair loss is an inevitable symptom of aging, although for
countless others, the a...

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I went for a little journey today, to Ireland's Atlantic coast.

The weather was meant to be pretty good and it turned out to be so, a little cold but not too bad for this time of year and it stayed dry for the most part.

Clouds rolled in towards sunset though and covered most of the sky by the time it was getting interesting, but it was still more than worthwhile for landscape photography.

This location I have been to several times, previously with the tide in so the group of rocks in the middle distance were obscured by high water. Today they were exposed with small waves breaking regularly on the shallow beach.

#sunset   #ireland   #wildatlanticway   #atlantic   #landscape   #seascape   #ocean  +Panoramic Ireland 

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