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GamePlays, Trolling, Potatos, And That thing.
GamePlays, Trolling, Potatos, And That thing.

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(So I just uncovered information from another members question that I needed to add a picture and um...This character from Tokyo Ghoul is the best representation I could find. I would make the character, but I don't have access to a computer. So, yeah. Anyway, Kell's design is this female, but the hair is cut to shoulder length, she's wearing the Kimono, and she doesn't have the black in her eyes or the vains. Kell also can't summon tentacles out of her body and doesn't eat people.)

[Quotes:] I am Kell, I am a king.

What a drag...

Through silence I will harness my voice...her voice.

[Name:] Kell Ceasers

[Meaning:] King.

[Alias:] Kell.

[Age:] 17

[Nickname:] King and Hon (Only Malicion calls her this, I will explain who that is later in Kell's story.)

[Mental Age:] 17

[Physical Age:] 20

[Gender:] Female

[Sexual Orientation:] Homosexual

[Species:] Half-Elven

[Magical Abilities:] Sight Of Malicion- _The Sight of Malicion is an effect of Malicion entering Kell's body. The sight, through silence allows Kell to sense nearby life-forces.

_Voice of Malicion- _The Voice of Malicion allows Kell to harness her power and yell a silent screech that sends a blast with tremendous force. This shout can instead be focused into her hands for hands for Air-Palm strikes that are less effective, but faster and take less out of her.

_Breath of Malicion- The Breath of Malicion allows Kell to slow time, but in reality she is moving faster. The longer she is in this state the more the drain of power.

//Malicion's Powers//

Malicion's Sight- This allows Malicion, herself to use her own sight, individually from Kell.

Harness of the Vessel- Malicion can take control of Kell's body if she wanted for a short amount of time. This time frame is between one and seven hours. The longer she uses it the longer she will have to recharge, weakening Kell's next attacks.

_Malicion's Fortress- Malicion can cast a fortress in Kell's head. This means Kell is protected from any mind control or things of the sorts.

[Skills:] Swordsmanship- _Kell was taught how to use a sword at ten after she was given the King's Sword. She handles it well with swift attacks and a defensive stance.

_Combat Efficient- _At eleven Kell was put through combat training, day after day until she was thirteen, the age she finished.

_Great Aglity- _With her fusion to Malicion came another perk. She has the ability to leap farther and run faster than she could before.

[Weakness:] _Kell lacks upper-body strength, though she has enough to hold her sword one-handedly and pull her own body weight.

Kell is a Defensive Fighter, so that can be taken as a advantage for an enemy.

Kell's magical abilities take a lot of her endurance and take a while to use.

Noise, large amounts keep her from using her powers to full potential or even render them useless.

[Weapons:] Kell has one weapon, The King's Sword that was given to her when she was nine.

[Kell's Appearance:] Kell has purple hair, that looks as if it was forcefully cut short. She usually seen wearing a blue and white Kimono that belonged to the Queen of Malice who gave birth to the king who died the day of Kell's birth. She has red, dark scarlet eyes that shine a bright red in the sunlight. She has a cut across the palm of her left hand from picking Malicions Purple Lily and a bruise on her left arm from her combat training in the now destroyed Malice.

[Kells Personality:] Kell is a blunt, and standoffish type of person. She's seen as mean, but in all honestly she just doesn't care for anyone's company. She hates affection and anything else relevant to it. She sees it as a waste of time, as much as showing sympathy. In that sense she is a very cruel person.

[Likes:] Kell likes purple lilies this is because of Malicion being a part of her.


The Queen of Malice's Kimino.

The King of Malice's Sword

Hot Springs



The Moon






Malice for givening birth to Malicion.




The powers Malicion gave her.

[Biography:] "The old man laid in his bed and looked at his worried knight. He spoke, "Iliza listen to me and well..." _Cough Cough__ "Sir-," the knight spoke. "I'm fine, now listen this is important- __Cough Cough__ "The Infirmary... She is being born...H-Her name...Her name...Kell...Name her Kell."_

"What is madness you speak sire, you're sick. You need to-, Iliza tried to reason. I'm not sick! I'm dying...Replied the king, he then pointed to his bed table which had his mother's Kimono and his sword on top. Bring that to her... _Cough Cough__ Malice! Malice...She has shown me. Now hurry! You will miss her birth." "Sir-," she stopped has her master took his last breath and his body laid vacant. She did as she was told and collected the sword and clothing and headed to the infirmary.

_Meanwhile, the purple lilies glow emitted from the center of the pond crept into the cabin. "Waahhh," cried the newly born Kell; Her mother's smile welcoming her as she was delivered into her arms. A tear snaked down the lady's face as she met her daughter. "Hey there, the mother spoke to the baby. The baby responded with her quietness as she looked her mother. This moment, short lived as Iliza, the female knight walked into the infirmary her metal boots making the wooden floor board indent.

"Excuse me, Miss the Infirmary is closed for right now," said one of the medics. "The king sent me," she replied. "F-for what purpose?"
"He's dead, replied Iliza as she walked towards the mother." "W-what are you doing, asked the dying mother."

[10 Years Later...]

Kell! "Yes, mom, replied Kell as she ran to the former knight. "Happy Birthday, I have a present for you; said Iliza with a smiling face. I have a present for you," she handed the little girl the sword case and stood from her chair. "I'm going to teach you how to use your sword today. "Yay," cheered the ten year old girl.

"Run Kell," echoed through the 14 year olds head as she ran through the trees. She leaped over a branch and kept running intill she hit a branch dead on. She heard the men's footsteps approach, she quickly rushed to a purple light that emmited through the branches. There she found a rock that was bordering the pond she went into the pond and took cover behind the rock as hastily as she could. The footsteps drew closer and Kell held her breath to keep silent until the footsteps passed.

I showed you the light, child. Now come touch the flower. A mystic voice spoke to the frightened girl the lily's glow corresponding with each word. "Come child touch the flower...The flower...The flower...Touch it...Power...Come closer, the voices conflicted in her head and she gave in. Slowly Kell walked towards the purple lily. The voices stopped. She was in front of the flower then a voice boomed in her head, "grab it!" Kell touched the flower and retracted her hand. "Ahh! Screamed the girl!

"Hahahahahaha, I am finally free! I am Malicion, Daughter of Malice! Thank you for freeing me, foolish elf. Chains lounged out of the water and clamped onto Kell's arms and the water gripped her legs. With no way to move she watch a beautiful figure come from out of the flower, The Daughter of Malice.

Malicion approached the Kell and rubbed the left side of her face and the gripped her chin, whispering into her right ear. "How about we become one, let me enter you. Show you my...power." Kell awoke from what seemed like a dream she looked around herself to see she was all alone, but her sword at the edge of her bed and the Kimono she was wearing. Iliza was gone, she was all alone. Then a voice in her head said, "don't worry hon, I'm with you now. How about you get some sleep, I'm going to teach a few things tomorrow.

[One Year Later]

_"Ay, look at that! A city, let's go," said Malicion. "Whatever...replied Kell._
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I will just assume that their was something with my last request and try again with a different approach.

Anybody want to roleplay?


I just finished watching Charlotte on Kiss Anime. :)

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Yugioh and Destiny bring me happiness in life.

My mom talking about a really bad storm and it's really scary me. :(

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