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Ali McHugh
Think well. Speak well. Do well ❤
Think well. Speak well. Do well ❤

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For people who work outside of the box
We've been working with the team at +Contract Mortgages recently. Fab team and definitely an important place for contractors and freelancers to find out how to secure a mortgage!

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Scottish Referendum and Social Media
We don't know the outcome of Scotland's Independence Referendum, and with only 3 out of 32 counts complete we may not find out until after 7am.

What we do know however is who has won the battle of social media & digital marketing. See post for full details.
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Facebook and the Scottish Independence Referendum
If Facebook “likes” were an indicator of votes, the Yes campaign will win on September 18. Its campaign page on Facebook has attracted 258,000 likes to the 182,000 of the No campaign and grew by 27% in the five week period, compared to Better Together, which grew by 17%.

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Angry, frustrated and sleepless in Scotland
This is how I'm feeling about the media in the UK right now! It's a black out.

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Is Facebook Trending Biased Regards the Scottish Independence Referendum

Living in Scotland, the independence referendum is a huge topic of debate on social media for the people living here in Scotland. My timeline has a steady stream of posts on the subject and the threads have hundreds of comments, not to mention the three different community groups or forums I've joined. 

The reason I ask is that prior to a poll showing Yes in the lead, the debate was trending.  Now post Poll, the debate is no where to be seen on FB's trending box. However, a death of a wee cat in St Andrews is. I like cats, but really can poor wee Hamish McTamish honestly be hotter than the future of a nation?

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Which one will you go for +John McHugh ?
Sorry Apple. I think you've been bested.

Can you tell which one is Apple and which one is Android? The times have changed kiddos. Apple is, officially, no longer the greatest tech designer. I'll opt out of the Apple WATCH - Nano Wrist Edition.

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Smart companies think ahead. Get ready to win international business with our help. 

Our latest Preparing to Export programme launches in Glasgow on 2 September. Don't miss it! Book here:

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Odd Stanley singing about the independence referendum in Scotland... Not long to go now. Definitely worth watching for insight into history and hope of the people voting Yes.

Check out this video on YouTube:
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