This sentence at the end of this paragraph is bizarre:

"If a husband earns less than his wife, she might rightfully expect him to take on some additional responsibilities at home. In reality, however, if she earns more, she spends more time taking care of the household and their children than otherwise similar women in comparable families, who earn less than the husband. One wonders whether such women feel compelled to soothe their husbands' unease at earning less."

As a female trader, I out-earned my male partners (although shockingly, not the ones who did the same thing I did). I also managed the house, because I was just better at planning ahead. I've never heard a woman say, "wow, I wish I earned less than my guy because he feels emasculated by my salary." Maybe such women are running the house because they're  competent and can multitask. Maybe that's also why they're earning more to begin with.
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