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miri dunn
Author of Who Will Love the Crow; maker of hats; writer of poems; lover of life; user of semi-colons.
Author of Who Will Love the Crow; maker of hats; writer of poems; lover of life; user of semi-colons.


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If you are a writer interested in places to submit for publication, contests and competitions, discovering literary journals and blogs, industry news and writing tips and more, please follow me at +Literally Literary with Miriam Dunn 

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I am heading your way next weekend and hope to see you Friday or Saturday night! I will let you know where if you leave a comment :-)

Heading to a conference where I am being announced as the Atlantic representative on the National Council; of the League of Canadian Poets! WOOT

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This is very clever and amusing and obviously a great deal of work went into it

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Not one bit surprised about this creep . The only surprising thing is how many people liked this sick fuck.
I have been wondering how his cancer treatment was going. I considered contacting his mom to check on him and started looking her up.

Google is a pretty amazing tool. After a few searches, I discovered this.

There is no cancer. He's not physically sick. He played us, played on our empathy, our compassion, all to hide this.

The punishment for this is a minimum 5 year sentence; with five counts that's a minimum sentence of 25 years. The maximum is 20 years or a maximum of 100 years. I don't know what his sentence was, but I guess his "cancer" killed him.

I considered whether I should share what I found, but I know so many of us have been very worried for him, believing he was struggling with a deadly disease. As a child who was repeated sexually assaulted, his duplicitousness hit me just as hard as if he punched me in the face. He is the cancer.

Goodbye, +Le Andre' Ward​​. We really hardly knew you.

#youredoingitwrong #exactlywhereyoushouldbe

What's the name of the sci fi movie where there is a body/man growing out of another man's back

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What normally would take thousands of years happened in just a few months!

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Wow- this is gorgeous- the RUNE FEATHER RING
Taking photos of the new jewelry for

Pre-orders should be up this evening, if all goes well.

Who'll be ordering the Rune Feather ring?

#MarkovJewelry #jewelry #silver #metalclay #metalclayjewelry

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These videos are enraging - and all too familiar. The saddest part is that the women's behavior is also all too familiar - most of us having been socialized to de-escalate, not be impolite, not embarrass men, smile and make things easier.
I'm not that woman.

The article says "this is one example" but if you let the videos play you can see them all.
I'm sure every woman can relate to the authenticity of these scenarios

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A Canadian nurse, Tilda Shalof, collects bits of plastic medical waste for 28 years while she helped treat some of the sickest people in the country. What did she do with that collection? She created this gorgeous, massive mural
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