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Abram Blanca アブラム • ブランカ
Hey there, I'm Abram. Although some people call me "A". I'm pretty much your average teen, I play Basketball, I stick to MMA classess, watch some anime, read some manga, go on social media, play video games and a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to write. Anyways, I'm warning you, I can get Obnoxious and Bipolar at times and I don't mean it, unless I say so, you fucking pig. So even though I am indeed Filipino. I suck balls at math...I dishonor my famiry...*Stabs myself* GO! That's all you need to know... Why are you still reading this?! Go! Goddammit, you scrolled all the way here... Dude! Stop! You're creeping me out! Stop reading! Now! Alright, you won, you got this far and won... Absolutely nothing, now go away.
Hey there, I'm Abram. Although some people call me "A". I'm pretty much your average teen, I play Basketball, I stick to MMA classess, watch some anime, read some manga, go on social media, play video games and a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to write. Anyways, I'm warning you, I can get Obnoxious and Bipolar at times and I don't mean it, unless I say so, you fucking pig. So even though I am indeed Filipino. I suck balls at math...I dishonor my famiry...*Stabs myself* GO! That's all you need to know... Why are you still reading this?! Go! Goddammit, you scrolled all the way here... Dude! Stop! You're creeping me out! Stop reading! Now! Alright, you won, you got this far and won... Absolutely nothing, now go away.

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"You are unique... Just like everyone else."

Akumetso Asura

Eku - Met - Su • A - Su - Rah

Demon of the East

Appearance - 19 Years old.

Real Age - 572 Years old.




Human - 5' 11" • 137lbs

Unrefined Oni - 7' 7" • 478lbs

Refined Oni - 6' 2" • 127lbs

Great Lord Enma's 4th Son


Akometsu is an Oni, the son of the Great Lord Enma in fact, despite this, he is mercifull and likes humans. Although he kills, he kills only to protect himself and often fights humans, he constantly fools around with them during these fights, but he is also powerful. He is quite the happy go lucky person but doesn't show that, instead he shows a serious and terrifying act, but the only time he isn't serious is when he is in his human form or around other Onis.

A very keen sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Responsible especially in their field of expertise, devoted and punctual. Very thorough, and tends to put duty before pleasure. They are very thorough, honest, and seek to accomplish anything they put their minds to. Likes conformity. Can sometimes have a surprising offbeat sense of humor.

Independent and adventurous, they like figuring out how things work. They are adventurous and like living for the moment. Sometimes they have simple desires, and prefer intellectual pursuits. Do not often like to follow rules, preferring to do things their way. Quiet and reserved.

Strategic, outspoken and decisive, and values competency and efficiency. Very resolute and has a knack for arguments / debates. Competitive, assertive and outspoken. Understands difficult problems and create quick and viable solutions for them. Intelligent and well-informed, they do not have much patience with inefficiency. Dominant and assertive, does not like to be bored.

Light Breed Katana - Gin no Kaze
Norowareta Katana - Jigoku Raizu
(Note: These two are the same sword, they just change when transformed.)
Thunder Drums (Refined) - Zappy.


Akometsu has a total of 5 different transformations. Human Form, Unrefined Oni Form, Refined Oni Form, Item Form ( Phone/Refined Hellsword) and Creature Form. ( Rabbit.)

Human Form - In his human form, he is a very handsome man with black hair, everything about him looks normal except his red eyes, no matter what he does, he couldn't change them, so he puts on blue contacts to hide them. (More descriptive in Appearance.)

Unrefined Oni Form - In this form, he is a full pledge Oni, but it does takes some time to get to this form (4 minutes. Basically if you reply before the time is up, the transformation is cancelled. Has to be a proper reply. ) His face is a demonic skull with horns coming out at top and has a sign of Lord Enma on his forehead, giving him a blessing/curse, also those horns are quite sharp and are very hot at the tip. (That's what she said.) His body is very muscular and even has giant spikes on his shoulders, his complexion changes too, having a somewhat dark purple on his lower body and bright red at his upper body.

Refined Oni Form (Rinjin Form) - Refined Oni Form can only be achieved if they have the blood of Enma running through them. In this form, all of his stats from his Unrefined Oni form (Basically the same as Human Form.) are doubled, especially defence and he gains an affinity for lighting, although with that there is a consequence. He can only last in this form for a short time (10 minutes or possibly more if he holds out.). After his time is up, he will be very, very exhausted and will be paralyzed, depending on how long he lasted in this form and double that, the longer in the Refined state, the longer the paralysis. This is the curse of Enma. (He could go this form without a transformation time, but he has to be in UnRefined Form in order to do so.)

Refined Hellsword - In this form, he becomes a powerful katana. He is very limited although the destructive power will be the same. (Explained in History.)

(Other forms are self explanatory.)


Cerio - Being one of Enma's son has it's advantages, he may summom his personal guard, Cerio, who is not that strong, he is actually weak as a human and could be sent back with a single punch but he is very fast, even quicker than Akometsu himself, he's very useful when he is need of escape.


Magma/Fire - Akometsu has a natural affinity towards fire and magma, being able to heat anything even his own body because he is resilient to heat and could control nearby fire and even summon fire from his hands and throw them like a fireball or doing whatever he wants to the fire he has summoned, it is quite small about the size of a volleyball. It's basically throwing a campfire at someone that has a tiny explosion during impact.

_Lightning - He may only use this when he is in Refined Oni Form, being able to summon a lighting storm and send lighting hurling towards Earth (He can't control the lighting he summons, unless it is absorbed.) he may also absorb it to his "drums" and send and control the lighting from there but it is weaker when controlled. _

Healing Factor - His Healing Factor depends on which form he's in.

Human - A bit higher than human pace. (15% Faster.)
Unrefined - Slower than human form. (50% Slower.)
Refined - Faster than human form.     (2.5% Faster.)

Basic Attacks

Cursed slash - When he slashes his sword, he may use this to send a powerful cursed energy, having the shape, speed, and reduced strength of his slash. (Like how Ichigo does it but weaker.)

Implode - He may cause a small dark explosion, but not damaging physical objects but spiritual objects, such as weapons or Familiars.

Darkness Hue - He may control the shadows to a limit, he could also use it passively. He may conceal himself in the shadows and hide his presence or even use shadows to manipulate objects, bending the shadow to the shape he wants and the physical object follows, although this takes quite a lot of energy to do, tiring him out to even manipulate one car. (He may only do this to medium sized non - living objects; small houses, cars.) He may also summon Shadow Minions but having them limited to only move in the shadows and capable of summoning 3 at a time and it's very easily cut down, even a normal human being could possibly beat one.

Fury of the Blade - He cuts multiple times (15-30 slashes.) at one place, and those slashes are kept in that place, maintaining their power and speed, he then sends those slahes to one direction, cutting anything in it's path, it dissolves in 4 seconds, so as long as the target moves out the way or doesn't get hit by it before 4 seconds, it could be easily dodge but it is pretty quick. If caught, the amount of slashes will be inflicted on to the target. Perfect for a counter against ambushes. He may also add fire.


Swordsmanship - He is very skilled in the way of the sword, particularly the katana. He has been trained by Lord Enma himself and is now capable of cutting steel and when in Refined Oni Form is even powerful enough to cut 2 story buildings in half.

Strength - Onis are extremely strong but Akometsu is even stronger, being able to lift at least 8 tons, and an maximum of 16 or so, because of his speed, strength and great swordsmanship, he is able to cut down small buildings/houses (1 story to 2 story.) with a single slash.

Speed/Maneuver - He is very agile and quick, being able to jump from building to building and move with quickness but at the same time be very stealthy. He is able to run at the speed fast as a car. At best 100km/hour.

Senses - He is able to sense people around him easily and with a radius of a few kilometers. His eyesight is also quite far. Exceeding human eyesights and is able to see/sense who is a Ninjen. Because of this, he is able to observe and analyze the environment, thinking of the possible outcomes from the situation he is in, although he does make risky decisions at times and does get cocky which is one of his biggest weaknesses.

Fighting - Akometsu is a very experienced fighter, having thought dirty fighting and even thought himself Ancient Muay Thai when it was still available. He is a tank, making him durable but his weakness is having weak points (14) at some points of his body when he is Unrefined Oni Form, but greatly descreasing those weak points to 4 when he is in Refined Oni Form. (Forehead, Chest and both of his thighs. Note: The weakpoints are crystal like items that are attached to his body, also since he is in Refined form, he has armor that is almost as though as steel, only the chest weakness isn't covered by the armor. His Unrefined form doesn't have anymore and his weak points are much easier to get.)


Akometsu was born in hell, his father, Great Lord Enma, thought him how to terrorize humans, causing chaos and conflict, his older brothers also trained him how to use swords and how to fight. At the age of 110, he was quite powerful, and definitely stronger than an average Oni. He was quite the Oni, his father and brothers were proud, giving him a Refined Form as a gift.

Everything changed when he was allowed to leave Hell and cause Chaos in the human realm, he was doing great for a few decades, but it was unfortunate for him to meet a veteran Oni Hunter/Excorcist, he fought him and put up a good fight but in the end, he was no match. He expected him to finish the job but he didn't, instead of executing him, he kept him and said he found good in Akometsu even if he is an Oni.

Akometsu was quite stubborn at first and he had to use various methods to keep him still but as time passed by, they grew close to each other, Akometsu even achieved another form, which is the "Hellsword", he became the man's sword (Not That sword.) and he was quite content, together they killed many ghosts and demons. (Enma didn't know his son could turn into a sword, so demons couldn't identify or gather info on Akometsu while he was with the man.)

The Hunter thought him many things including human culture, that made Akometsu very interested in them. Of course, humans age and die. Akometsu always knew this yet he still couldn't get over it. He grew somewhat bitter, but not enough to go back to his old self, he had to honour the man that made him who is he is right now these past decades. Now he is kinda a troublemaker, and even has a cult dedicated to him, they even made a shrine. He didn't know why but he wanted to protect the cult, so he now lives in that shrine and gets offered food almost every day and in return he would grant them items that he stole from ancient times. (Which he had plenty of and I mean plenty.)


At Techniques>Transformations.

First pic and Last - Human
Third pic - UnRefined Oni Form
Second pic - The Cursed Sword that goes with UnRefined Form.
Fourth and Fifth - Refined Oni Form and it's sword.

(Only explaining Human form in more detail because that's the form he would be mostly in.)

Akometsu also known as Hiro Shigare, is a 5' 11" tall man, having a nice lean and athletic build, complimenting his handsome face, he has nice casual short - medium black hair. His pupils are naturally red but he uses blue contacts to conceal them from others. He has somewhat pale skin and very smooth skin.

[ If possible, I'm okay with someone owning me, no, I'm not a masochist...Or maybe I am, I don't even know. Anyways, first you have to beat me then I shall be under your command. Hopefully he isn't too OP, he actually has a lot of weaknesses. Tbh, I nerfed him.]


//This is my OC. Do not distribute without permission. All rights reserved.
//I do not own the pictures below. They belong to the talented and rightful owners.

First Picture - Insanity2113 on Pinterest

Cursed Sword (Red)- Shiro Itami on DeviantArt

Oni 1 (Unrefined) - Uzi91 on DeviantArt

Oni 2 (Refined) - Khempavee on DeviantArt

Cursed Sword (White) - Screamus on DeviantArt

Last picture - Unknown.
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100 Truths About Me!
1. Real Name: It's the same.
2. Nickname: "That one Asian guy that isn't even Asian." & "Bait".
3. Favorite Color: Orange
4. Male Or Female: Manly Male covered with manly manliness of manhood.
5. Elementary School: Southern Side Montessori School & Centennial P.S.
6. Middle School: Chief Dan George P.S.
7. High School: West Hill Collegiate & Albert Campbell Collegiate
8. College: Not in College, but I'm planning to go to University.
9. Hair Color: Black
10. Tall Or Short: 5'7
11. Sweats Or Jeans: Sweats
12. Phone Or Camera: Phone
13. Health Freak: Nope
14. Orange Or Apple: Oranges
15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Yes
16. Guy Friends Or Girl Friends: Both
17. Piercings: Nope.
18: Coke or Pepsi : Coke.
19. Have You Been In A Airplane: Yes
20. Have You Been In A Relationship: Yes and Mo
21. Have You Been In A Car Accident: Yes
22. Have You Been In A Fist Fight: Yup.
23. First Piercing: No piercings.
24. Best Friend: Everyone is my best friend :D.
25. First Award: This Tae- Kwon- Do award.
26. First Crush: This girl who just suddenly left the country.
27. First Word: I don't fucking know.
28. Any talent: Being able to resist eating for a minute.
29. Last Person You Talked To: Ramli
30. Last Person You Texted: Ajay
31. Last Person You Watched a Movie With: Frienss
32. Last Thing You Ate: Lays
33. Last Movie/TV Show You Watched: GoT
34. Last Song You Listened To: Islander DJ Noiz
35. Last Thing You Bought: Lays
36. Last Person You Hugged: My pillow.

37. Food: Fried Motherfucking Popey Chicken
38. Drink: Nestea
39. Bottoms: Like, bottoms? I don't know, Obama has a pretty good bottom.
40. Flower: Magontopia, see that? Made that shit on the spot.
41. Animal: Dogs
42. Color: Orange
43. Movie: Monster Inc and This is the End.
44. Subject: Math and Phys. Ed

Have You Ever (Put A X In The Brackets If Yes)
45. [X]Fallen In Love With Someone
46. [X]Had Your Heart Broken
47. [X]Celebrated Halloween
48. [X]Went Over The Texts/Minutes In Your Phone
49. [X]Had Someone Like You
50. [X]Hated The Way Someone Changed
51. []Got Pregnant
52. [] Had An Abortion
53. [X]Did Something You Regret
54. [X]Broken A Promise
55. [X]Hid A Secret
56. [X]Pretend To Be Happy
57. [X]Met Someone Who Has Changed Your Life
58. [X] Pretended To Be Sick
59. [X] Left The Country
60. [X] Tried Something You Normally Wouldn't Try And Liked It
61. [X]Cried Over The Silliest Thing
62. [X] Ran A Mile
63. [X] Gone To The Beach With Your Best Friend
64. [X]Gotten Into A Argument With Your Friends
65. [X] Disliked Someone
66. [X] Stayed Single For Two Years Since The First Time You Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Or Been Single Forever

67. Eating: Nothing
68. Drinking: Water
69. Listening To: Hotline Bling
70. Sitting Or Laying: In between
71. Plans For Today: Try and finish homework but ultimately failing at it.
72. Waiting For: Oprah to give me 1 Million Dollars.
73. Want Kids: Ehhh...
74. Want To Get Married: Ehhh...
75. Want To Travel: Yup.

What Do You Look For In A Partner
76. Lips Or Eyes: Doesn't matter
77. Shorter Or Taller: Doesn't matter
78. Younger Or Older: Doesn't matter.
79. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Doesn't matter
80. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant: Doesn't matter
81. Hook Up Or Relationship: Relationship
82. Looks Or Personality: Long term = Personality
Short term = Looks

Have You Ever:
83. Lost Glasses: Yup
84. Snuck Out Of The House: Yup
85. Held A Gun Or Knife In Self Defense: A shank
86. Killed Somebody: No
87. Broke Someones Heart: No
88. Been In Love: Yup
89. Cried When Someone Died: Yup

Do You Believe In:
90. Yourself: Sorta
91. Miracles: Kimda
92. Love At First Sight: Maybe
93. Heaven: Sure
94. Santa Clause: A bit
95. Aliens: Illuminati Confirmed.
96. Ghosts/Angels: Sure.
97. Is There One Person You Truly Want to be With Right Now: Yup.
98. Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are: Yup.
99. Do You Believe In God: Yup.
100. Post As 100 Truth: What.

Rules: Once You've Been Tagged, You're Supposed To Write A Post With 100 Truths About You. At The End, Choose 20 People To Be Tagged. You Have To Tag The Person Who Tagged You.

Nominated by: +Montblanc Noland+Cαт Burglar Nαмi

I Nominate: +Cαт Burglar Nαмi+Montblanc Noland+Wade Strine+Nathan Ackerman+ℬoa D. ℋancock+Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma+Random Dude+Unemployed Kuzan クザン​ ​+Crocodile™ すな​ ​ +The Last Trap God+Simmie D.+Perry 214

I don't even know most of you but THERE YOU GO!

Okay, the whole time I thought it was Zeal the Prince of Persia, I didn't bother reading the rest because while checking the members it would only be Zeal the Prince of Pe, so I would assume Persia, then I click on his profile then BAM, Prince of Perversion. I actually laughed, anyways, back to the main topic as to why I made this post is how do I contact the mods privately?

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|Life is a Tumble, Stumble and a Gumball.|

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

Soren Kierkegaard


There are plenty of mistakes to be made in life, some stray from their original purpose because of those mistakes. [Y/N] is one of those people, fortunately, [Y/N] bumps into Gerriel, the fated meeting changes both of their lives, learning of each other's past, helping the other's dilemma and experiencing an adventure they both wished for in their lives.

* * * * *

"Hey, Yusef. Are you going home yet?"
A young man spoke as he pushed himself out of a car he was under.

"No, Imma' wait for more repairs, you go on ahead." Yusef leaned back against a car as he wiped the sweat of his head.

"Alright, good luck, see ya tomorrow!"
The young man stood up, walking towards the worker's lockers and grabbed a blue duffle bag resting upon a shelf. He got to the giant garage door and pressed a button next to it, opening the garage door for him to duck under and feel the cool breeze freshen his tired face. "Ah, that's great." The young man stretched, his blue mediocre mechanic overalls slightly fluttering as the wind blows on it, the white shirt which showed right at his chest where the overalls weren't buttoned up started to dry, he yawned and jogged north, the sun slowly descending, it's orange light shining on the ocean made it the sight to be seen, you could see the beautiful view beside him as he jogged beside the railing.

Soon, he reached a small store, the ocean still beside him. "I would like to order some a chicken teriyaki with rice, please." The young man said with glee, handing her $10, as the old woman which stood at the other side of the counter smiled and took the money, she began to put meat on the flat grill which was right in front of the young man, he watched in amazement as the old woman began to tenderize the meat while it was being cooked by the grill. "That's so cool, Ms. Ngyugen, I always wonder how do you not get burned?"

"It just takes time getting used too." Ms. Ngyugen smiled. The chicken turned from red, slimy meat, to a brown, cooked and delicious dish. She took a styrophone plate and put some fresh steaming rice on it, this time she took a spatula and picked up the sizzling chicken and put it on the rice. "That looks so fuckin' good." The young man's eyes were glued to the amazing dish that was prepared for him.
"Sauce please!" Ms. Ngyugen then took a small cup full of her special sweet sauce onto the dish, her gentle, yet fragile hands handed the dish to the young man, he thanked her as he left, waving goodbye at the last second.

The young man ended up sitting on a small green hill, the open space around him and the sound of the ocean which wasn't too far relaxed him, his dinner sat on his lap, a fork in his head, ready to pierce the juicy chicken. "Hell yeah, now I can fina-" Just then, someone had bumped into him. His dinner laid on the ground, the juicy chicken yelling in agony and screaming for help in his head. "Noooo!" He laid there, defeated. He collected himself and turned to see who it was. It was [Y/N]. "Oi, you have some explaining to do!"



-Pretty much the what the guidelines say.

-I don't care whether you're a female or a male.

-This is just fun little RP, I haven't RPed in a while so I made a simple one.

-Action, Slice of Life, Comedy. Romance is optional.

-Please, if you are bored, about to leave or about to give birth, tell me, I will try my best to help.

-Have fun. That's an order. :D.
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"When Life gives you lemons, you slice that bitch and squeeze it in your vodka, then chug it down like there's no tomorrow."

"The name's Bond, Bond Ja- Goddammit, I keep messing that up. My name's Gerriel, Gerriel Hughes. It's pronounced Jeriel, by the way."

|Name Meaning|
"My first mom told me that it meant "To be great and virtuous." which is 80 percent right."

"Close friends call me 'G', but to some, I'm known as 'Golf'. There are only a few that call me Golf, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie? Yeah, those guys."

"Well, if it wasn't already obvious, I'm a male. A manly man, manliness covered with manly manhood."

"I'm straight as a homeless guy tripping acid while running a marathon."

"I know it's hard to believe, despite my ravishing young looks, I'm actually 22. Huh? You thought I was 30...Hm, looks like we're not gonna get along well."

|Height & Weight|
"I'm 5'11", it's the perfect height for my athletic build, I weigh around the 142 pounds area, I gotta work out more to get rid of some of that, haha."

|Facial Appearance|
"I got my blue eyes, yet I have a somewhat light skin color, my weird genetics... My chestnut black hair compliments my eyes well, it also fits well with most of my clothing, gotta admit, I'm not the best looking dude but I'm not mediocre either."

"Oh, this is going to be weird, I'm 2/3 Filipino, Filipino is basically Spanish, Japanese and American combined, the rest is Russian!"

"I'm proud to be Canadian, even if I don't Canadian blood flowing through me, I came here when I was 10 years old, I lived most of my life here."

"I used to be part of the Special Forces, but after 2 years I left and became a simple mechanic."

"I'm 'gonna be honest here, I'm quite the realist, a little optimistic but that's just my happy-go-lucky attitude kicking in. I'm not the best human being to ever exist but I've done some good deeds that I'm proud off, speaking of being proud, I'm actually quite prideful, but not much of a bragger. I'm kind most of the time but I can be obnoxious sometimes, so forgive me for that, that pretty much sums me up."

|Likes & Dislikes|
"Oh, I don't like things, I either love them or hate them. I love dogs; I hate cats, I love Rock, Pop, and Rap; I hate Screamo, Metal and Death Metal, I love free running; I hate walking. Hate is a strong word, it's probably just my judgemental nature refusing to love anything that I hate."

"I'm no superhero, but my physical stats are above average, maybe it's because of the training? Nonetheless, I'm able to change a tire, carry an engine and even lift a car for a few seconds all by myself, which makes me the best mechanic in my province, probably the country. My best ability is to learn things quickly and proficiently, ever since birth it was just there, so I didn't bother telling anyone except my parents and close friends about it."

"My Special Forces training paid off, I learned many useful skills and improved myself physically and mentally. I'm still a great marksman, name a gun and I'm able to disassemble and assemble it under 3 minutes max, even in the Special Forces we learned culinary skills and even medical, I'm pretty much an all around person that can do any skill, sport and game."

"I was quite gifted when I was little, I was ahead of the rest but because of that, some kids hated and envied me. Even with the hate and envy, I made a couple of friends, it felt great to not be lonely all the time. Especially since I was to inherit my father's casino, it was a successful organization, but my dad went astray and was consumed by greed, he got into some illegal dealings, going as far as to make his casino, Golden Ball, a meeting place for Gangs, Yakuza and even some Mafia. Of course, it didn't last long, the Gang, Cryptids, the Yakuza, Ryo Kaizuko, and the Mafia, Chappelo Eli all got into one big brawl in the casino, the reason isn't known but it was obvious, money. My dad got shot in the crossfire, while little me just hid under my own father's bleeding body, when the shooting ended, there were at least 500 dead bodies around the lobby, including my dad, it was better if he was dead since the vault was empty, his money was all stolen, you could see what kinda damage that would do to a kid, I was traumatized, my mother who somehow survived by God knows how, got me into therapy, finally after years of trying I recovered, but just as I did. I came home to see my own mother, flirting with the mafia boss. Then it was just clear, they didn't fight over the petty money in a game, the Mafia started it for a distraction. I was still just 10 years old, I ran upstairs, the mafia boss noticed and gave chase, my mom begging for him to not kill me, I wondered why she didn't have the same compassion for my dad, I got into my dad's room, grabbed all the money I could find, and packed it in one bag. I dipped for the window, escaping that man's clutches. I got adopted by a good family in the orphanage, the money I got helping the small organization. After living in peace for 8 years in Canada, I enrolled in the army, hoping to find information on the Mafia while getting trained, and now the present. I work as a mechanic, still searching. That's my story, eh? It's cliché? Well, it's the truth you douche. Anyways, I gotta go, I'll see you later."
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All that's missing is Shanks and Whitebeard! 
Animated Photo

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This recent chapter was actually really informational yet crazy. There's so much things to talk about like Jack, The Guardians, The rest of the crew that are supposedly dead, BEPO and the other Heart Pirates, and Electro!


I want to start off with The Guardians, these guys aren't fodder that's for sure, as you can see most of them are injured, despite this, Roddy, the Bull Minkman, held against Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Kane, which had the speed and power to dent steel, I'm not sure if the Minkmen know what rubber is because a lot of Minkmen have actually left, what says that they can't come back? Coming back with discoveries of course, or maybe they made rubber themselves. Another Minkman is BB or Black Black, who is the Gorilla Minkman, who is we can tell is strong since he took down Jean Bart single handedly, like literally he took him down with one hand. You may think Jean Bart isn't strong but this guy was able to break a bridge with a single punch with no effort, not to mention he lifted Jinbe with ease, he was part of the Celestial Dragon's Pirate Collection, and like what he said, he only collects renowned Pirate Captains, also Law knew who he was, probably knowing his capabilities and decided to take him in. Now imagine him two years after, I doubt he didn't get stronger. So we can assume that these Guardians are above Captain level, there's also the case of Carrot, we saw her dodge Zoro's slash with ease, and even making Zoro struggle power wise, also she was able to jump hella high probably due to being a Rabbit Minkman. How strong do you think these guys are? (Forgot to mention Pedro but I can't say much about him anyways.)


Alright, we know they aren't dead. The question is why would Wanda think so or maybe even lie? There's already some people that concluded that Brook had something to do with it, which would make sense, or maybe it's not even the Strawhats, maybe Wanda mistook them, there's also a weird thing that happened at the last panel, Wanda going "Eh... No way." in her mind in response of Luffy saying Sanji's name, which even boggles my mind as to why she said that. What do you think happened to them?


I guess this is kinda like the Mantra situation, which made me happy because... One theory here peaked my interest, it was about Haki and the Kuja Pirates having their own variation, now I know it seems far fetched but maybe Electro is some variation of Haki? It's just a theory of mine but I'm pretty hyped about this Electro. I know it was electric but who knows? We didn't know Mantra was Haki till we actually got information on it. So we might not know Electro is Haki till later on. What do you think Electro is?


We can assume that Jack is pretty strong, since he destroyed Mokomo, a country in Zou. We also saw slashes all over the place, even a big ass footprint, but instead of Jack doing all of this, I think he was with someone, since the name Jack is connected to Jack and the Beanstalk, I'm thinking that Jack may be a giant, and has a Devil Fruit that turns him into some giant animal, Mammoth? Rhino? Remember, only Zoans. I think the scratches are from a different person, most likely being Jack's crewmate, Velociraptor Zoan? Sloth?. What DF do you think Jack has?

1. Roddy *head to head*with Luffy. (Hehe.)
BB taking down Jean Bart.
Carrot's jump.
(Pictures number 1, 2, 3)

2. Wanda's weird expression.
(Picture number 4.)

3. Electro affecting Zoro.
(Picture number 5.)

4. Giant footprint.
(Picture number 6 and 7.)

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Garp and Sengoku run a Gauntlet.

General Info
Prime Garp and Prime Sengoku. (Serious)
1 heal (55%) each.
Punk Hazard
Full intel on opponents.

1. Shiki (Current)
2. Z (Current)
3. Kong (Current)
4. Rayleigh (Prime)
5. Heracles, Noland, Hack, and Don Chinjao, Lao G. (Current and Bloodlusted)
6. Tsuru, Dalmation, Momonga, Jaguar Saul, Bastille. (Prime)
7. Whitebeard (Prime)
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I really want to test Kaidou's skill. Doffy helping him because even for the Strongest Creature, it might prove difficult.

General Info

Full Intel on each other.
1 Heal for each. (70%)
Awakening for Doffy has 2 uses.
Post - Timeskip

1. Law, Smoker, Zoro, Sanji. (Post - Timeskip)
2. X - Drake, Eustass Kidd, Urouge, Basil Hawkins (Post - Timeskip)
3. Crocodile, Kuma, Moria (Post - Timeskip)
4. Fishman Pirates (All 100,000 thousand of them including Hody (Hody and all of the commanders ate the amount Hody did when he fought Luffy.) and the commanders.)
5. Big Mom & Jinbe (Post - Timeskip.)

Bonus: Ivankov & Kizaru (Pre - Timeskip)
(This fight is both parties are at full health, place is at the same place.)

Comment if you think they pass the whole thing.
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Stops at Level 1
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Stops at Level 2
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Stops at Level 3
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Stops at Level 4
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Stops at Level 5

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Last Gauntlet for the day, I promise.

Buggy & Mihawk
General Info
Full Intel on opponents.
1 heal. (For buggy only 100%)
Post - Timeskip Buggy & Pre - Time skip Mihawk.
Buggy and Mihawk run a Gauntlet together.
Buggy is willing to be used as a shield. (For swords.)


1. Foxy & all of his crew
2. Kyros (Bloodlust)
3. Crocodile
4. Moria & Oz
5. Vista
6. Zoro (Post - Timeskip) & Usopp (Post - Timeskip)
7. Shiliew (Post - Timeskip)
8. Marco (Post - Timeskip) & Jouzo (Post - Timeskip)

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