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Tales from Midwest Memories: The Soap Opera Scandal of '88
I sat in Mr. Johnson’s office and waited on my mom to arrive, I chewed on my
cuticles and wondered how this got so out of control. The situation began
innocently enough – a joke made among friends during study hall. Monday
study hall dragged on with no e...

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What's in a Name?
Do our names really influence who we will become? I mean, we don't get to choose them, that honor is left up to our well-meaning, but occasionally clueless, parents. And for the most part, we live with whatever moniker has been foisted upon us by emotionall...

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Lessons Learned: Tales from Midwest Memories
A current collection-in-progress -  Lessons Learned: Tales from Midwest Memories is a collection of personal essays tracing the long, often humorous, occasionally angry, and sometimes emotional journey of my life growing up in the rural Midwest. Today's off...

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An Homage to My Daughter
While the novel is still in process, I have been working on some short stories and flash pieces. I have also dabbled in a bit of prosetry. Today, I offer up this loving tribute to one of the most important people in my life - my daughter. Evolution
of an In...

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I'm Back!
It have had a series of long, tumultuous months, but I am back. I am healing and will soon be better than ever. We truly never know where the doors in life will take us, but the important thing is that we never stop opening them. Never stop searching out th...

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Whether you are a writer, considering whether or not writing is for you, or are looking for ways to write more (or get your students to write more), Just Write Already is here for you. As a writer, an English teacher, a wife, mother, sister, aunt, niece, and friend, my blog follows my own personal journey writing my very first novel in its 100 Days of Writing format (subject to change, if necessary).  

The blog is connected to the Facebook page below which also offers bits of inspiration, humor, and resources for all levels of writers and students of writing.

I invite all levels of writers, from the "maybe I coulds" to the I know "I cans," to share their experiences and offer support for one another. Whether you want to comment, commiserate, or just tag along for the ride, I would like to welcome you to Just Write Already.

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Day 21 - Reflection and Progress
There has been a great deal going on in my personal life over the past few days that have made it difficult to concentrate and nearly impossible to write. My husband's mother is approaching her last days here with us. It is heartbreaking to watch her slip a...

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Day 20 - Writer's Block and Mining for Ideas Through Generators
For me, writing is much like riding a bike along mountainous terrain with bouts of terrible struggle to get up the hill followed by the exhilaration of gliding swiftly down the other side. I thought that detailed outlining and planning would be helpful, and...
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