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Just a while back while trying to answer some queries for the undergrad security class I teach (actually TA) I was pointed towards a series of comments and a discussion in one of the closed but very popular programmer community, Something very interesting was going on there.

On 27 December, security researcher Victor Gevers came across a MongoDB server that was open to external connections and that lacked a password on its admin account. He also tweeted about it here

And someone in the community just posted that his account was hacked by "0xDUDE", or Victor Gevers....and he even went to twitter to ask him why he had erased his DB. From the related Tweet Trail what I could get was the person didn't even see what was in the post, what he posted or the real threat report. He just blindly thought he was hacked. And it was hilarious to see the twitter conversation, the reactions in the programmer community and even my student. And then somebody just told me "wow he is a GDG member, that must be a pathetic GDG".

This got me interested and I clicked on his profile, and realized I had quite a few mutual friends with him and....all mozillians. Now a became a little cautious and did a google search with his name and realized he is indeed a mozillian and one who actually goes to Engineering Colleges and "teaches" and mentors about technical topics(including the topic this post is about). open source all this representing Mozilla...

This got me thinking. Are we really so desperate to attract and build community? #mozilla
Not naming or posting identifiable screenshot or links to the conversation.

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LibrePlanet 2017: Liberating your open source experience
LibrePlanet is a yearly gathering of free software activists, users, and contributors—and, it's my favorite conference of the year. Here's why. LibrePlanet is run by the Free Software Foundation , and has steadily evolved from a yearly members' meeting with...

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GeekXTalk: Connected Devices and some Techno Indians
The poster for the event It was back in 2006 when I first set foot in Techno India. That was supposed to be the college where I learn how to be an Engineer in Electrical engineering. That also was the college where I spent a good number of my life, shaping ...

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My experience on my first Keynote at Graphical Web and trying to live code a Virtual Reality experience within a talk :)

Exciting times

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A day at GraphicalWeb 2017
November 1st to 4th I was spending my time in the beautiful city of Exeter, just after my 3 day rush hour at MozFest. I had a keynote talk (my first!) at GraphicalWeb. . @rabimba from @mozilla will be speaking #VR & #JS this year! Tickets available here - h...

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Want to learn more about Virtual Reality applications? How you can leverage WebVR to create VR applications in the Web that runs cross platform to all your VR devices?

Also if you are in San Jose in April. You might want to visit me at Open Networking Summit by +The Linux Foundation and learn more about #Mozilla #aframe

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My experience, talks and lesson learned from Mozfest 2016. All in a nutshell.

#MozFest   #MozFest16  +Mozilla Developer Network  #MozTechSpeakers  

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Mozilla Festival ; A Recap
MozFest is an annual, hands-on festival for and by the open Internet movement. Every year, bright minds from around the world build, debate, and explore the future of our lives online. In this publication, we invite everyone to share their thoughts and star...

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A story long overdue. My first step into OSS and Mozilla, walking with the fox
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