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I live in the DC area, we have Moe's in the area but I don't go. I like the food but they are always trashed. It was nearing lunch and I was passing by this location driving from Atlanta to DC and thought it has been years, I would give it a shot. I open the door and start to go in when a girl says "sorry, we're closed." I look to the clock on my cell phone which reads 1056. "What time do you open?" I ask. "1100" she says. I squinted my eyes a bit to see if she's messing with me and glance to the cooks standing on the line. "Sorry" she says. They stand there, behind the counter, now 1057, as I find my way to Taco Bell. Yep, may be ten more years Moe.
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Overpriced and poor service. They didn't bring all the equipment to complete the install, said I could go pick it up. Still wanted to charge me for install. After a long bout got it waived. Tried numerous times to talk them down from my $145 cable/internet bill but they would not budge. Tried to pay online. Their billing system would not recognize my account number. Called "customer service" and they gave me a completely different account number. Unfortunately their account number wouldn't work either. Matter of fact, it didn't even meet their own account number requirements as outlined on their website! They offered to connect me to their $5 a pop bill paying service. I told them I wasn't paying them to take my money and asked where to turn in the equipment. Doing that today! :)
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