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Jim Smart
Ingress name: gruffmonkey
Ingress name: gruffmonkey


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Op - "It's beginning to look a lot cross faction"

It was about time the Harrogate teams got together for a meet up as we all play hard but fair... great to have us all working together.

On the Friday was the key mining (night in the pub which just happened to be in reach of both portals). After an appropriate amount of time to recover, on the Sunday we got together and cleared the town to allow the joint starburst to appear for Christmas.

Happily the weather couldn't have been better and our historic portal anchors looked their best in the sunshine.

During the undertaking we found out that someone has run off with one of the local portal items (shocker!)

It was good fun working together and the op on the day was by:

Many keys were farmed by the crossfaction team on the Friday night and it was a great weekend in all.

Thanks to those who were asked to hold off their daily linking too. Much appreciated that you held off to let this happen!

+Enlightened UK +Home Guard - Resistance UK 

#EnlightenedChristmas   #SantasLittleHelpers  
Harrogate Starburst
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Inspired by Google's inceptionism art, my colleagues made an interactive visualization of a dreaming convnet.  It's pretty trippy!
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