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How easy is it to sell your home on your own?
Can selling houses in Nanaimo be done without using a Realtor?  Certainly.  There are a lot of do-it-yourself websites that teach you how to fix your car, how to file your taxes, and how to do almost anything in the world.  However,  a real estate transaction is complicated and consists of items that the lay person is not familiar with, such as the purchase and sale agreement, negotiating for a win-win deal, pricing and marketing your home, and showing the home to qualified buyers to close the deal.

Seven things that could repel buyers from your home
Following are seven things that can turn off a home buyer:  Chipping or peeling paint, a messy looking yard, flooring that is dated and needs to be replaced, a messy and dirty house, clutter, pet, food and cigarette smoke odors, and odd colored paint.  In order to get top dollar for your house it makes sense to fix and repair as many of these things as possible before listing your home .

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The Real Estate Council of British Columbia has reported there are more than 22,000 realtors British Columbia. Visit:  Choosing a Nanaimo realtor can be a difficult chore. Some specialize in ocean view property or condominiums for sale. Others deal primarily with commercial property in Nanaimo. Almost all are skilled in the basics about Nanaimo homes for sale.
Before deciding which of the many Nanaimo realtors to select, a good starting point would be to consult with Lynn Donn who offers pertinent data about the Nanaimo real estate market. All inquiries may be directed to (250) 800-2717.

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Nanaimo realtor Lynn Donn has acquired a stellar reputation throughout the years as one on the most respected Nanaimo realtors. For the latest information about Nanaimo homes for sale and Nanaimo real estate agents visit her website:

We have a brand new office and telephone number to share with you. You can now visit us at:
4200 N Island Hwy Nanaimo, BC V9T 1W6
Our new telephone number is: (250) 800-2717
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