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Mom and I and our tats, all dressed up for my cousin's wedding in San D.
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Google Auto Awesome made my bug photo freakin great.
Nature and photo editing are awesome together.

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Uncanny's Absence
Hello friends. These past few weeks Uncanny has been unable to make it to the Keller Farmer's Market not because we're fighting crime in underprivileged lands, nor because we're using our mind-powers to fend off a ginormous tidal wave from infecting an unle...

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Bolivia, roasted by Third Coast Coffee in Austin, TX, was a favorite at Uncanny's debut.  A mellow and creamy cup, with just a hint of cardamom to give it a familiar coffee kick--without that pesky bitterness--the coffee that traveled the most dangerous roa...

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The Birth of the Business
On January 24th, amidst a handful of newly wed couples applying for their marriage licenses, Uncanny Coffee & Company was born. It feels wonderful to have an official business name.  It solidifies the efforts, motivates, and most of all brings recognition f...

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Oh, the things you learn along the way. This week I've been in the process of obtaining all of my licenses and permits necessary to begin business in the spring.  My biggest hope was to be approved by the local Farmer's Markets to kick of my sales, but I'm ...

Seven days 'til I hit the road. I really need to start packing....

When soy sauce met sour cream, my deliciously thought sauce idea turned into a yeast infection. Sad fail...

I feel INCREDIBLY AWESOME when I'm drunk and solo. Does that make me an alcoholic, or optimistic lush?

If Star Trek: Voyager were a child, I'd adopt it and pretend it was birthed from my own loins, despite my gender, etc.
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