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In same-sex marriage: corporate bosses push questionable agenda , Angela Shanahan makes a number of questionable statements: What would we think if Catholic organisations were to provide only to Catholics those services they now provide in the community? Wh...

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More art than you can poke a stick at...
Over the weekend of April 15-18 I visited the Art Islands of Naoshima and Teshima , passing through Takamatsu on the way back to Nagoya. I left Nagoya Daigaku at 2:30pm and missed a subway connection, which meant a 30 minute wait for the Shinkansen to Okaya...

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Paul Abbott commented on a post on Blogger.
Interesting comments on lecturing. And although I hardly know Peter, it is sad that he's so unwell.

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Putting a value on human life?
In Spreadsheets of Power , Richard Denniss discusses how economists value a human life.

Regarding the value of a human life, Tim Harford's column How much is a (micro)life worth? provides a different and more useful perspective: Here’s a possible solutio...

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Global warming consensus claim does(n’t) stand up
In another masterpiece of objectivity, The Australian re-ran Richard Tol's attack on John Cook's 2013 paper in a column entitled Global warming consensus claim doesn’t stand up . It is well worth reading the rebuttal of Tol's claims on the SkepticalScience ...

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BoM short on experts
Graham Lloyd, everyone's favourite "Environment Editor" is at it again. He spends half his column titled Review of weather bureau’s temperature data ‘short on experts’ quoting Dr John Nicol, retired Physicist, who is listed in several places as John Nicol, ...

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A Journey Through Economic Time
I have just finished reading A Journey Through Economic Time: A Firsthand View by John Kenneth Galbraith, published in 1994. Galbraith's writing is clear and elegant, and his humour is dry and enjoyable. In the following I have made some commentary on parti...

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God’s creation stands to reason, but atheism requires leap of faith?
Another weak and unconvincing defence of God in Greg Sheridan's forum article God’s creation stands to reason, but atheism requires leap of faith .

Sheridan writes: Eric Metaxas tells us in a fascinating article that the existence of intelligent life as we...

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Visited states of the USA
Visited States Map

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Teaching training?
In her opinion piece  When it comes to education, people who count are kids , Cassandra Wilkinson writes: Several inquiries, reviews and reports are under way to address the problem of getting kids to learn STEM subjects, but so far there is no clear strate...
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