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Snake oil salesmen
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David Icke

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Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad
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David Icke

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D Pax
Only time will tell
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David Icke

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Read the latest headline on mind control. The year was a memorable one – looking back at the unforgettable images over the past 12 months, you might think of apocalyptic-looking clouds over Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy, or Mitt Romney’s children mistakenly standing in a line spelling out the word “MONEY”, or even the winning US Powerball lottery ticket that became the most shared picture on Facebook. There’s only one problem. All these images are fake.
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The Truth About Our Dimension. Please Read David..

There are many dimensions, but there is a dimension very similar to our own where we have the same families and partners etc and circumstances to a degree.

Theres a very close dimension very similar to ours and it has accessed this dimension and the people in it. Scientists have been dropping hints about our universe being some kind of simulation, well it's near to the truth, and advanced civilations had been able to tap into the quantum world using Quantum computing, able to create many versions of its own dimension, but there is one dominion like our that has managed to use their technology to tap into us.

Here's an example and story.

Mental Health Patients In this reality claim to hear voices, that the voices are abusing them and saying evil things to them, those voices are Real... BUT the voices don't come from this dimension they come from a very sadistic dimension very similar to ours. The Reason Why mental health patients hear have these issues is because the advanced dimension is using us to Punish their own criminals. Psychopaths in their dimension are given a sadistic sentence that looks abit like the prisoners in the Movie minority report, their envisioned psychopaths, are taurmented by the people that harmed or abused, even some criminals that didn't take lives are placed into that type of systems for punishment.

Their governments know they are using the civilians of our dimension to Punish their own criminals in their dimension. They use neuronal technology that has been able to access Other selves in our reality. The advanced civilations in the closest dimension to our is abusing us. The voices and mental health issues of people in our reality come from people in another dimension who Are abusing their prisoners that have the closest conscious connection to people in our reality.

They tapped into the consciousness of people in our reality using Quantum Networks and Neural Technology. Our Own governments and agencies know this is happening and they are cooperating with the other dimension that manipulates and tairments us.

But when the sentence of their psychopaths are done, they finish the sentence by killing them, if it's a light sentence then their criminals are freed and they remove then sadistic treatment wete receiving through them..

They didnt always know or agree with the notion that they accessed our dimension with their quantum technology, but even when they found out, they refused to stop..

In a sadistic way they poison and program the people of our reality through planting and manipulating the minds of their own people in their reality..

Out reality is similar to a simulation because the truth is our lives and minds are being manipulated by a near identical advanced civilisation in another dimension.. They have a David Icke in their reality that has a similar background and circumstances like you, he doesn't look exactly like you though, but hid Consciousness is on the same level as yours, he is another you. But looks different, but has near similar circumstances to you.

They are tapping into our dimension not only to Manipulate ours, but using ours and us to Punish their own people for crimes. The thing is, they know and they dont care. And they refuse to stop.

Their dimension is full of psychopaths and criminals and they are using us to Punish them. Their psychopaths and criminals are placed into a state paralisis or coma, and they use these neural headsets to transmit Consciousness into our reality, their criminals end up connecting on a subconscious level to us, so if we hear voices, the voices are coming from their victims in their dimension. And mental health problems here Concerning voices are caused by transferring the prisoners experiences into our reality.

They are punishing their criminals by punishing their other selves in our reality, all our other selves close to their reality are feeling the same experiences.

Its Not A Lie. The Problem Is We cant control what they are doing to us and they refuse to stop.
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David Icke

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David icke a dado otra mirada oculta del mundo a despertado muchas mentes!
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David Icke

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Dear Dave. I think you can help my cause with a Major Water Resource that may open many more. Please call me in USA. 813-470-6000. I own an Aquifer w Unique Reading from Meteor Impact producing Endless Clean Water
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David Icke

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Who is watching Margaret Thatcher's funeral?
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It is our wish that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, resign from his post for Deception and Conflict of Interest

Why is this important?

For Lying over Syria, Tax Credits, Budget Cuts, Tax Haven, Bailouts, EU-Brexit, Immigration; Crushing the economy, health & social care, human & disability rights, education, employment, steel, housing, social security, pensions; Spreading blood in class, race, political, ideological and hate wars; For increasing taxation, homelessness, warfare, censorship, surveillance, MP's salaries, corruption and cover-ups; For your living wage below the breadline; For your hypocrisy and arrogance re. your Tax Haven inheritance and as such, your CONFLICT OF INTEREST; For deaths in Syria and the vulnerable in the UK; For a fraudulent campaign and appointment and for using the office as a political manoeuvre to solely benefit your rich masters. For failing miserably as a prime minister and as a human being.

UK people feel betrayed, do not agree with and do not trust David Cameron as Prime Minister, and does not wish to be associated with David Cameron.
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David Icke

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Did anyone tune into my show with Russell Brand last night? #Brandx
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Mr Icke,
are you 'bro' with the handlers now?
There is truth, which lifes 'the wrenched live', behind everything, also behind of you. I argue that one misguided community follows another and so on in this game. But 'real' information is trump. Right, in your own words?
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David Icke

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There is definitely something deeper and darker going on, David. John Paul the Second was exhumed for the second time and there is a daily, strange, ritual taking place next to his coffin. They've even installed a LIVE webcam watching his coffin 24/7. Are all the world's satanists tuning in for the daily ritual?

There must be a connection between John Paul's the 2nd exhumation and the resignation of Benedict.

We should also keep in mind that his blood was drained from his body before burring him the first time.

P.S. Isn't the tradition for the pope to also be the head of the Knights of the Malta? Not that there are not higher powers to "fire" him from the job.
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David Icke

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Hey David. Have you read the book Hands of Light by the former NASA physicist Barbara Brennan? She also says we are totally 100% energy beings, eternal and magnificent. We do create our own realities literally with every thought that we think. That is how you heal yourself and others. Thoughts are energy and our cells reflect back to us immediately what we think. That is how you cure cancer and everything else. I believe that I have been booted off your forum for saying this exact same thing. What do you think?
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The Offical David Icke Google Plus Account - Exposing The Dreamworld We Believe To Be Real
I previously was a Professional Football player, journalist, network anchorman with the BBC, spokesman in the 1980's for the British Green Party, but now since 1990 a full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world. 

My words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves and to walk into the light of freedom.

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