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The Works of Mercy - A Guide to More Doing
In my last post, Less Talking - More Doing , I called on everyone to really live out the Faith.  Recognizing that many may not know how to start doing this, I wanted to write a post on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Basically, this is a handy l...

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Less Talking - More Doing
I was tossing and turning one night, unable to sleep from frustration and discouragement.  Try as I might, I felt like my words of evangelization were the equivalent of spitting on a forest fire.  All of my efforts seemed utterly fruitless and I thought tha...

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Surely They Don't Know: the Ugly Truth of Abortion
Unless you have just returned from a hermitage, you have heard of the recent and ongoing Planned Parenthood scandal.  A group of pro-life activists called the Center for Medical Progress(CMP) has begun releasing a series of undercover videos which demonstra...

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Agonizing Joy: the Conversion Experience
When most people think about conversion, especially folks outside of Christianity, we tend to think of extremes.  We think conversion is typically born out of desperate circumstances like a brush with death or hitting rock bottom in life.  Now I don't doubt...

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Will the Real Christians Please Stand Up?
There are so many denominations of Christianity today that it boggles the mind.  Factor into that the many ways people actually live out their faith (or don't) and it's no wonder some people dismiss Christianity before even hearing the Gospel.  To many, I i...

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Regarding Flying Spaghetti Monsters
Seeking inspiration for my next post, I recently spent some time poking about on some Atheist forums.  Now being a former atheist myself, I didn't expect to read anything new.  With the exception of particularly hostile posts, I could pretty much remember e...

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Relativism Part Two: the Mess We've Made
In my last post,  Moral Relativism and the Dawn of Insanity , I discussed what moral relativism is and how I believe it came to be so widely accepted in our society.  I also touched on what happens when you follow relativism to its logical end.  The result ...

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Moral Relativism and the Dawn of Insanity
We have arrived at the dawn of a new era.  Many loud voices declare this is an age of equality and justice and enlightenment.  "Out with the old ways and in with the new!", they say.  But if you listen closely, you will hear a few faint voices under the roa...

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The Myth of the Hippie Jesus
It almost sounds like a bunch of really bad "B" movies, doesn't it? "Revenge of the Hippie Jesus!" "Hippie Jesus Returns!" "Hippie Jesus and Friends Sing Kumbaya!"  It's enough to make any self-respecting Christian want to slam their head in a door.  In thi...

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How Did We Get Here?
you ever paused in a moment of self-reflection and asked yourself, “How did I
get here?”  Now I have asked myself this
question simply walking into the kitchen, and you may be asking yourself at
this very moment, staring incredulously at this blog post...
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