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Helen Prescott
kiwi teacher, passion for elearning, lifelong learner, love pushing myself outside my comfort zone
kiwi teacher, passion for elearning, lifelong learner, love pushing myself outside my comfort zone


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This is a Word document I put together for instructions on how to use Google Takeout for students.  Please feel free to amend and use.

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The dates are out for the GAFE summit - April next year.  Highly recommend this to everyone.  north | nz

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Worksheets vs Student Led in Maths today
Today I had the privilege of having to step into a classroom (year 3) to cover a for a teacher who had had to leave for an emergency.   The teacher had left some maths worksheets behind. I must admit the thought of giving out these maths worksheets to the c...

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Tinkering at the Mind Lab with a bit of MLE and Reverse thinking thrown in
Today at the Mind Lab we were introduced to tinkering. First of all we created Wobble Bots and then Scribble Bots.  Watch the video to find out how! Wouldn't this make fantastic procedural writing! Children should engage in tinkering and making because they...

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3D Modelling using Tinkercad and Sculptris
Today at the Mind Lab we looked at It is free to sign up and it allows the creation of 3D models.  I can see how this would be great for teaching about properties of shape, angles, actual 3D models, spatial awareness etc.  You can export the ...

Had a student hack into two other student accounts last week and delete some work in their folders.  Thank goodness for the Admin Console, where when you click on the User you have the option to restore data for the past 25 days in Drive or Gmail.  Handy to know!  Good cyber safety opportunity too! If only it was that simple to find the culprit!

Great live Google Hangout on Air with Mike Reading. If you missed it you can watch it at Post Ulearn14 Training: How to Deploy and Use Google Apps For Education

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Hi everyone,
Just a reminder if you do have any questions for Mike Reading in readiness for the Google Hangout on Wednesday at 7.30 then complete this Google Form

Here are the contact details of Mike Reading who is a Google Certified Teacher and Trainer and has experience with many school deployments of GAFE across AUS/NZ.
Get Expert Help.
Mike Reading :: UsingTechnologyBetter

Google Certified Teacher & Trainer
Google Apps Deployment Specialist  @MikeReading
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