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There is no winning is there? Neighboring countries have been applying pressure on the Dutch government for years to stop selling weed to tourists.

Also, we are pretty tired of tourists passing out due to underestimating the strength of dutch weed.
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Seems like they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot with this kind of regulating.
Forgive my ignorance.. Is Dutch weed really that much better?
+Michael Hogan
I wouldn't necessarily say better but it is much stronger.
Tourists turn up from California or BC who are lifetime smokers and ask for the strongest on the menu.
Then pass out.
The mayor of Amsterdam is against the legislation as a recent study found that around 30% of tourists come to Amsterdam because of the weed.
The weed pass law is meant for counties in the south, like Limburg and Brabant, which get visited too much by all the problem-youth from Belgium and Germany who buy their weed there.
I think that in this context the law is agreeable. What I don't like however is that it will become national law. Those Germans and Belgians aren't going to drive 150+km for a bag of weed and therefore this law is not necessary everywhere in the Netherlands. The compromise in this law is that it induces street-trade and criminality, hence it shouldn't be implemented in places where it's not necessary.
Government just collapsed .. This won't happen anytime soon.
+Gabe Osterlund It did not collapse as such, they resigned which means early elections. Worldwide politics are messed up, they should not forget that they are supposed to serve us, the public that elects them and pays their wages through taxation.
Resigned or collapsed, pick your adjective. The government isn't functioning as a "lets implement new laws" entity right now. :D
Sorry man, but I think that's not either your fault, your government's or your neighboring countries. It's some people's fault, the ones that can't handle their own shit. I don't think it's fair to the rest of the tourists who can have a good time in your wonderful country.... come on man, it's like saying that my country (I'm from Mexico) will prohibit the sell of tequila, mezcal and pulque to the tourists because they just get too wasted on spring break in Cancun or whatever. I think there must be another way....  
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