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I have been asked before to share my Atheist circle but I wanted to make sure it was a juicy one. Just now I went over the 500 share limit so here is my Atheist circle, enjoy ^_^
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+JD Vaziri Nope, I don't give a shit about how many people follow me or how many I circle. I think the contents of my post attest to that.

I have 2 ways in which I circle people. Either I stumble upon them, browse their stream and circle or, every now and then, I grab a shared circle, place that in a circle called "evaluate" and then over the course of 2 weeks move people into other circles, everything that is left is dumped.

So, people can do the same with this share, make a new circle, watch it for 2 weeks, pick out of it what you like and dump the rest.

You are in my technology and political circles ;)
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