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Ping pong. 

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Impressive. A passive heating system with no moving parts, made from pop cans. Brilliant design.

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Interesting read. I had been wondering wtf is wrong with kids here as punching an adult man in the crotch is a major no no in the countries I have lived in.

I googled this after picking up my son from school and seeing him grab his crotch in front of the teacher. I nearly died of embarrassment but she said it's normal. Whut?

Needless to say, regardless of it being normal in Japan my son is now sitting on the naughty chair where he can think of his actions. Normal my ass.

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Yesterday I shared a clip from the Holy Land, a theme park for the crazy religious among us...

+MJ Lloyd-Reynolds shared a nice link that details how rotten and corrupt the people behind these organisations are.

Truly makes me want to vomit.

Only on a Microsoft product would you find the export function nested inside the import menu which is inside the open menu, sure, makes sense.

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Dutch astronaut André Kuipers reports on entering the Dragon space module thats docked at the International Space station, he also blogged on it here:

I'm so jealous of my fellow country man, unreal! A new chapter in space travel has truly arrived.

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Yeah, Disneyland for the religious!

If I was ever in the region I reckon I would visit, I'm a big fan of theme parks.

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As Colin Blakemore states in this video "whats the point of doing science if its only right when it agrees with the bible".

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Any parent who let's their kids watch this should be locked up for child cruelty.

I'm deadly serious about this. I read about this and thought it would be amusing to watch but it's more painful to watch.

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Reggie Watts, where have you been all my life? Why do I only learn about you today.

Like humour, music, beatbox? Watch this, you wont be disappointed!
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