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The Emperor 1510 Computer Workstation (Picture Below) is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. The Emperor offers functionalities that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio system and accessories. There's also a luxury model, the Emperor 200 which is like the G450 Business Jet equivalent of where ever you normally sit to surf the interwebs, but is oddly more expensive than actually chartering a private flight.

The built-in monitor mount allows for up to three 24″ screens, and the built in LED lights in the upper structure provide ideal lighting without causing a glare. There’s an adjustable keyboard tray for your ergonomic pleasure, and the seat controls allow for tilting, lifting, lowering, twisting, turning, and any other relevant verbs you could associate with internet usage.

A series of various inputs and outputs accommodate your Mac, PC, or favorite gaming console, and the audio control pod makes adjusting the levels of the built-in Bose sound system convenient and simple.

All you need now is about $6,000 for the Emperor 1510 and $45,000 for the Emperor 200, plus shipping, mmm...slightly worried that the shipping cost could be overpriced though :P
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