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Buying before you sell or selling before you buy?

This could be as simple as:
1. Having the money - Buy before you sell
2. Having friends; accommodation and/or storage - Sell before you buy.!Buying-before-you-sell-or-selling-before-you-buy/xkmbb/570208070cf2e0dbcac3a3f2

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They painted our building
Jun13 Painted 24 Falcon Street
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Simple streamlining of the process of adding people to wills, etc..
Use the form:
or better,
Get each person to fill in their own details on that form. Just give them our matter number to identify where to put the information.
[Matter numbers are on all our letters and emails.]

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Blog on Conveyancing Property
Soon to have information about the consequences of the National Electronic Conveyancing System. This is Australia's joint government and industry initiative to create efficient and convenient way of completing property 
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