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I joined Beta Program and I never recieved the update. Any recommendations or help?

Its been a week. I have a Nexus 6P on Verizon.

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Cancer Better Run: New York Marathon
2016 was a year of personal records. I kept thinking about what is next this past fall.  I didn't really have a clue what my next goals were.  What I wanted to do or race.  I sort of plateaued with my running and was pretty burnt out on it after two hard gr...

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One Last Ride
Two years ago I started this journey as a pacer.  I didn't know what I was doing (I still don't).  I remember showing up at my first run scared shitless.  Here I was, just finishing my first half just a few months ago pacing people that have run dozens of h...

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Crawlin Crab Highlights 2016
Crawlin Crab is my run-versary.  2 Years ago I embarked on a journey I never thought would bring me where I am today. Two years later and I have a giant group of amazing friends, running friends, and family.  Being an ambassador for Running Etc . and being ...

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I have been thinking a lot lately about running, friends, life,
and everything else.  Running is something that has (since I started)
always given me happiness.  I remember the two biggest moments in my
athletic career before I started running was the last ...

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Being Thankful
This weekend I got to visit my Grandparents in South Carolina.  It was a an amazing trip filled with memories of our kids spending time with their grandparents.  I was pretty fortunate that both my kids got to meet all four of my grandparents.  But being ab...

Having problems still with my Bluetooth connectivity on phone calls. I'm on Verizon. In an urban area. 

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Slow Ride Virginia Beach
One of my favorite things to do with my family is biking at the Oceanfront of Virginia Beach.  One of the coolest things we have in Virginia Beach is the beach.  We are pretty fortunate that our city has built and promote biking and walking facilities throu...

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Vote for my friend and coach. 

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Vote for this guy. Honored to call him a friend. 
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