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What should you expect to pay for a Lie Detector Test ? You should expect to pay between £399 and £450 all inclusive, anymore then you need to question why ? Often as its an agency that then places you with an examiner and takes their cut. Avoid these scenarios and work direct with the examiner who will be conducting your test, whilst we are the UKs largest lie detector test company with four full time examiners you will only talk to the examiner who will be working with you, unless you request other wise (you might want a female examiner).

Why are lie detector tests so expensive, you need to consider here the training the examiner has carried out and the qualifications they have and continuous training that’s required , then there is the equipment costs, advertising costs, office costs (yes we have two offices in the UK). Experience is not compromised by offering cheap tests, make sure the examiner is qualified and a member of the APA, search for them here as there are a couple of fake examiners we have been recently made aware of. We only use the latest techniques and equipment for maximum accuracy. All of our examiners have been working in the industry for years rather than just qualified rookies with little or no experience.

How can I make my lie detector test cost more manageable ? We offer payment plans (full payment is required before we test) and can take payment on credit cards if required.

We do offer substantial discounts for multiple tests on the same day and can provide multiple examiners if required to cover the work in a day and get the results to you quickly.

Get in touch today to discuss your case with an examiner and get the answers you deserve.

Last week Antony did some work for a client who had a Rolex watch stolen. We love theft and in lots of cases never get to test the thief, in this case he did and the watch has been returned to its owner. Would you take a polygraph test if you had taken the watch ? 

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Antony Keeves of Lie Detectors UK working with Hello group... All good until the reporter cheated answering questions wrong intentionally ! Was purely for fun and for promotion of a new film coming out soon.

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Why does it take some people to fail a lie detector test to make admissions ! Two similar tests last week, however respect to the clients for coming clean, I bet they sleep better now...... getting the truth you deserve...

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New promo video for new site launching soon...

Post has shared content testing UK wide from £399, work directly with the examiners not an agency.
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