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The best prices, no middle-men, honesty and experience. The UK's Best!
Lie Detectors UK Jason Hubble
Lie Detectors UK Jason Hubble
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I noted with great interest this morning the release of a video for Vanity Fair where Jennifer Lawrence is being polygraphed and had to comment.

Let me start by being controversial and stating there is absolutely no accuracy at all in this test it’s a fake, you may as well have flipped a coin. In this industry we stopped using analog polygraph as used in the video in the 1990s in favour of the far more accurate digital polygraphs.

We now use validated techniques that allow three relevant questions, not multiple. Science and research have allowed the polygraph industry to make great advances in the last twenty years. The questions used in the Jennifer Lawrence test follow no industry recognised validated format.

How is the test being scored ? We ask a control question prior to each relevant question in order to gauge if a subject is lying. When Jennifer is being polygraphed how can you see what is a lie or just a nervous reaction?

We repeat the same three relevant questions over three separate tests gaining accuracy levels in the high 90%. It is well documented that polygraph is more accurate than other forensic sciences like fingerprinting and DNA.

In the UK there are now more Government examiners than private examiners working with the polygraph, testing sex offenders on probation and recently terror suspects.

The release of videos like this just harm the credibility of the polygraph industry.
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Lie Detectors UK Jason Hubble claims Love Island Lie Detector Tests were all fake.

London, UK (July 24, 2017) – Jason Hubble the owner of Lie Detectors UK the UKs largest polygraph company has lifted the lid on the fake lie detector tests recently run on ITVs TV Program Love Island

Jason a qualified polygraph examiner explained ‘The results on the Love Island would have been fabricated by the producers, we have never seen a remote lie detector nor does it work when contestants ask each other questions, an average single issue test takes two hours and will comprise of three questions on one issue repeated multiple times on different charts. There is absolutely no accuracy in the tests done on television, just a shame people are being misled.’

About Lie Detectors UK:
Lie Detectors UK are the leading lie detector test / polygraph test provider in the UK with four qualified APA examiners and two fixed offices.
Tests start from £399 all inclusive. When you call, you speak directly to an examiner to discuss your case rather than an agency. They have a well-deserved reputation of being the best.

To know more about Lie Detectors UK, visit

Lie Detectors UK Head Office
6 Buckland Road
ME16 0SL
Phone no: 0207 859 4960
Email: or
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Last week was mainly 'Proof of Innocence tests' our favorite work where we can help people set the record straight....
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How To Choose a Lie Detection Professional
The outcome of a lie-detection examination could have life-altering effects.
To help choose a qualified examiner, ask them these questions:
(and don’t take NO for an answer!)

Is the examiner a member of the American Polygraph Association ? This shows they are qualified, check on UK examiners are either British or American.
How much experience do they have and how many years have they been a polygraph examiner ?
Do they offer fixed prices? Anymore than £450 or less than £399 then there is something wrong.
Do they have their own offices you can attend?
Do they include a written report of the results?
Can they accommodate my schedule & location, evenings and weekends if necessary?
Can you explain the cost differences I have seen?
Are the tests quality controlled by another examiner as standard?
Do you speak to the examiner prior the meeting, make sure its not an agency you have called who farm the work out?
Do they have a female examiner if I want?
Can they provide all qualification certificates?
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