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Marketing | SEO | Web Developer
Marketing | SEO | Web Developer

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Interesting. Thoughts on this??
Move over, moms - fathers are reportedly taking a greater role in family purchases. Ready to target the Dude of the House? Start here. [Sponsored]

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I would pay double to see this fight go down.Lol

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This is awesome.  
Generate your own Neural Network inspired images with DeepDream

Two weeks ago we blogged about a visualization tool designed to help us understand how neural networks work and what each layer has learned ( In addition to gaining some insight on how these networks carry out classification tasks, we found that this process also generated some beautiful art.

Now you can make your own images using an open source IPython notebook, which allows you to choose which layers in the network to enhance, how many iterations to apply and how far to zoom in. Alternatively, different pre-trained networks can be plugged in.

It'll be interesting to see what imagery people are able to generate. If you post images to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, be sure to tag them with #deepdream so other researchers can check them out too.

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Don't think he is coming back 

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From the article: "What I think this does," says Megan Smith, the current U.S. chief technology officer, who spent much of her career at Google, "is really provide a third option. In addition to joining a friend’s startup or a big company, there’s now Washington."

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TODAY: SEO vs. Google: Discover how to win!
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Animated Photo

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This is super cool.  

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Take the hint man. LOl 
The "Pester Your Potential Lead Until They Hate You" Approach to SaaS Sales Sucks

Wrote a new blog post: about the trend of awful sales emails I've been seeing out in the software world.

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Great post. This is really important for advanced on page SEO. 
Illustrated Guide to Advanced On-Page Topic Targeting for SEO

From the archives - although still fairly new. Still the best, and only, infographic I ever made.
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