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Ian G

I am Learning how to GM Numenera. I have a question about Cyphers. If this is not the place to ask please point me in the right direction of where I can get help.

Background: I was introduced to Numenera through Torment and in the video game, it seems using a cyphers has no chance of failer. The core book states, 'unless stated otherwise using a cypher is an Intellect action,' and 'all cyphers have a level.' However, I cannot find any explanation for what is the difficulty of the action. Nor can I find any explicit description for using a cypher's level.

Question: Is the level of the cypher related to the difficulty of using the cypher? If a character fails the check, what happens to the cypher? If the cypher is a pill is it lost and has no effect (assuming no GM intrusions)? If the cypher is used against an opponent is the difficulty based on the target's level?
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