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Shaping the mobile experience
Shaping the mobile experience

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Notifications are the new apps:
Smartwatches intensify the trend of more personal, more intelligent and more interactive notifications.

Apple Watch Inspiration Guide (PDF) by Urban Airship

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It's not about taste. Not about calories. It's about #usability!

I am glad that more and more Android developers replace the 'unhealthy' hamburger menu with navigation tabs. Like Youtube or Twitter... and now slack:
A good navigation menu should show where you are and tell where you can go. If your main navigation has no more than 5 items, use tabs instead. If it has more items, try to shorten it ;-)

PS: If you want some real numbers, read how changing the navigation menu affects app usage:

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Möchtest du mehr Benutzer für ein Produkt oder eine App?
Dann widerstehe der Versuchung, einfach ein paar nette neue Features einzubauen!

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Come on: It’s 2015!
Expectations are higher than ever when it comes to apps. Not only for consumers, also for B2B applications...

"For goodness sake, if you are a serious company and you want me to keep using your app, make sure I can do what I expected to do, quickly, easily, and intuitively.
Or I’ll just phone your call center and make you pay for having to deal with me."

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Did you know that building the first iOS version of Instagram cost 500'000 USD, including the back-end?
Now think again: How much would you pay for developing a mobile app?

Ken Yarmosh from with an interesting approach on app project budgets.

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Do you know an #iOS developer that wants to try something new?
We are looking for a #freelancer to extend our tigerline golf app... for the #Apple watch!

Apply here:

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View behind the mobile screen: 3D dissection of a golf app user interface.

The red warning flag is normally hidden by the frame above. If GPS reception is bad, the flag is rotated into view. 

#usability  question: 
Why is this better than a simple bar indicator used for GSM reception?

1. Because the UI is not cluttered when reception is ok.
2. And if location is not precise enough, the animation of the red flag easily catches the user's attention.

Download and test tigerline for free:
[Image produced with reveal app]
Animated Photo
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You have a carousel on your website?
Then have a look at this article: This approach promises that more users go beyond the first content page. #UX

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#WWDC 2014: Bei der offiziellen Ticketverlosung hatte ich kein Glück. Gestern Abend dann die unerwartete Wende in Form einer persönlichen Einladung. 
Einmal im Leben muss doch jeder iOS-Entwickler ins kalifornische Mekka pilgern :-)
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