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What Constitutes Creativity in Qualitative Research Teaching?
Here is a set of related sentences: What constitutes creativity in teaching? What constitutes creativity in research teaching? What constitutes creativity in qualitative research teaching? Like stair steps, each one brings me closer to the thing that is at ...

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Wikipedia: Why should female academic qualitative researchers care?
I have been slow to come to the Wikipedia party.   I knew people who edited.   I had heard other academics complain, “never
use Wikipedia as a reference in a professional paper!”   I used it regularly myself.    I realized it wasn’t perfect, and I took the

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Doing Qualitative Research Online by Janet Salmons
This semester I am teaching a class called "Advanced Topics in Qualitative Research".  This is the first time we have offered this class in our new Ph.D. in Research Methods and Program Evaluation in Education in the UMass Lowell Graduate School of educatio...

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Diana Eck: India: A Sacred Geography—Writing at the Intersection of Anthropology and Religion
Lotus; courtesy of Creative Commons Recently shopping for some light reading for a short
vacation, I came across Diana Eck’s India:
A Sacred Geography on Amazon.   I was
surprised to see Eck's name associated with a book on India, because my
knowledge of he...

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International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry: Call for Proposals
It is that time of year again.  The International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry is getting ready for Year 13--2017.  The Digital Tools Special Interest Group needs your submission.  I have posted the call for applications below.  Or, you can go to our web...

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Making Sense of Obrist and Ways of Curating
Hans Ulrich Obrist’s book, Ways of Curating , is a marvel for
many reasons.   He is so widely read and
so deeply intertwined with artists and curators through his decades long
interviewing activities that he is able to make amazing connections between the

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Sharlene Hesse-Biber Does It Again! The Oxford Handbook of Multimethod and Mixed Methods Research
I consider Sharlene Hesse-Biber to be the absolute queen of handbooks about qualitative research (and related subjects).  When some people get to the "handbook stage" of their career, the reading gets dull.  But this is not the case with Dr. Hesse-Biber.  R...

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Reading Deeply: Kindle, Obrist, and Ways of Curating
I have been experimenting, slowly over many months, with the
notes function of Kindle.   I wasn’t quite
sure how it would work for me to read full books digitally, to highlight as my
form of taking notes, and to import into other forms.   It was all fuzzy f...

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Label and Shame: Donald Trump Illustrates a Common American Trait
[This was an op-ed piece that was not
accepted, which I wrote during the Presidential Primaries shortly after Donald
Trump and Megyn Kelly of Fox News had a well-publicized encounter during a
primary debate.   I was connecting the
dots between the research ...
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