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sangeetha pn
M Sangeetha, a software engineer by profession currently in germany looking after my cute little daughter
M Sangeetha, a software engineer by profession currently in germany looking after my cute little daughter

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Dry fruits and nuts spiced cake
Winters are at least for me very depressive. The day for me begins with darkness, sun out for a while and darkness again by the time you reach back home. It is the season when I succumb to cold and cough and that circulates within the family. I am just wait...

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Cardamom flavored condensed milk muffins
Baking cakes or muffins is something I hardly do. But I had an unopened pack of condensed milk, my willingness to use that and the sight of the muffin pan lying by the side, tempted me to to try some baking. Cardamom is one of the spices I love. I am so gen...

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Tortilla roll ups
Days passed by, never got time to look back here into my space. How much ever I try to hold back, there is something in this space that pulls me every time to engage myself for some time here. Yes today I sit after many months, to scribble what I want on an...

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Mumbai street style Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji A delicious street food from Bombay .If at all one visits Bombay must never miss eating out this street food. Any one would love to eat them at any time. I can eat them anytime of my day. Pleasure is to eat them with some great friends. A dinner i...

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Paneer Ladoo
Paneer ladoo is something all kids and even elders would love to have. Melt in mouth kind delicacy it is. My kiddo's kindergarten here had informed us that if there is any festival that we celebrate in India with pomp and fervor, it would be great if I coul...

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Easy Chakli recipe this Diwali/Maida Chakli
Diwali is around the corner and it is time to celebrate. Quite a relaxation it is, when I cook something for my family and friends. This time I tried my hands on Chakli. But usually chakli means, it involves too much effort when rice chakli is prepared. So ...

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OnaSadya/Onam Feast
We all bid adieu to Onam last week. Again for a delicious Onasadya we must wait an year altogether. I know I am late but I could just manage it today after a week. Hope it would be of some help to some one planning next year. A list of 16 items were there t...

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Stuffed Capsicum/Stuffed Peppers/Stuffed Paprika
Had been a long time that I tried stuffed bell peppers and today got a chance to enjoy that. It was stuffed capsicum a part of our Sunday lunch. To make it healthy, my options were using minimum oil to cook the stuff mixture. The stuff I prepared was out of...

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Couscous Vegetable Salad
I put up a diet plan and just in 2-3 days time end up taking a day off from diet and eat all things out there and again think , o yea, I must follow a diet. But lately I really started liking the diet plan since I started this time with a wonderful salad fo...

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Vegetable Cutlets
Shallow frying is good or bad for health, I still don't have a right answer.(P.S. Opinions required). I usually go for deep frying, but yesterday I decided to try out a starter that would be shallow fried. I came up with an idea of vegetable cutlets. A teas...
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