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Lawyer. Contractor. Idiot. Yes.
Lawyer. Contractor. Idiot. Yes.

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Handshake Controversy: Mustache Twist or Smoking Gesture?
Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love broke out their new handshake after both of them had compelling performances — Irving had 32 points, Love 22 — in Cleveland’s win over New Orleans on Monday. It’s innocent enough to start, but it’s the ending that has a few people calling foul.

A Cavs' spokesperson clarified that they are "sharpening the end of their moustaches." What do you think?

#KevinLove   #KyrieIrving   #Handshake   #NBA   #basketball   #Cavs   #Cleveland   #ClevelandCavaliers   #Poll   #Movember   #Movember2014  
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Mustache Twist
Smoking Gesture

Dammit, Lakers!!!

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Rebuild the Philippines, V4 the +Rusty Wheel Team 
New Version Updated: Feb. 3, 2014 

Rebuild the Philippines V4 in Support of +Habitat for Humanity.
With more than $970 raised thus far and we couldn’t have done without sharing circles!

Proof that: A lot of people doing a little will have a huge impact
This circle continues efforts to assist Filipinos after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.


So far we have raised over $970 or P46,000 which is more than I expected but there is much need in the Philippines so I will continue these efforts.

This is the power of your social ripple. This is why you can use social media to have an impact. Make it a positive one.

If you want to donate, I suggest you create an account there first. That seems to make the process go much faster. Also 1 dollar is about 45 pesos. The dollar has gone up since I first created that so $10 is now about P450. Honestly, I’ll be thrilled if you donate P45. One person donated P5. I don’t know who you are but thank you very much.

I know that signing up for an account is a pain, I hate it too and usually won’t but sometimes my inconvenience is tiny compared to what the people that lived through this storm have endured.

I plan to continue my support of this effort until the end of February 2014.

At that time, I plan to shift my social ripple to a new area of the world. 


I visited an evacuation center in Cebu City during December. The people there wanted one thing. They wanted to go home even if there was no home to return too. 

I have stayed in touch with some and many have changed their minds and decided to adapt to their new surroundings where work is more likely. That’s what people do. Life will never be the same for millions. 
More than 6000 lost their lives. More than a hundred thousand homes destroyed. Millions are displaced and many will never return to their home.

Many others will stay and make do with what they have.
Filipinos are not sitting still in their efforts. In Bogo City, SM Properties has built over 100 new homes for those that lost homes in the Bogo Area. The new village has a name. A family donated some land for the project and it is now known as Yolanda Village. At least 200 homes will be built at this location. Nearly all of the aid that has come to Bogo City has been from private organizations. 

Don’t let people tell you that your money will go to waste. You just have to donate it wisely. Donate it to organizations that do not rely on the government for distribution but do it themselves. Habitat for Humanity is one such organization.

I have setup a page to received donations from those that are will and able.  I understand that not everyone is. Two people donated less than a dollar and I was totally happy to get that. Those small amounts may have been very difficult for the people that gave them. In any case, it doesn’t matter. 


If you can’t donate, I understand, trust me on this. I do. You can still help. You can help by sharing this circle OR sharing my post related to the donation page here:

This circle is primarily made up of those that re-shared my other post related to rebuilding the Philippines and those that are likely to help get the word about this effort.


I have setup a new community that I call
Circles of Love

This community is for those that are interested in helping others.  If that fits you, I hope you will join. I don’t plan to send invitations. Maybe if I know this is your kind of activity but for the most part, I won’t send invitations. I also have no plans to make this community a circle. I may but I don’t have any plans to do that. Join if you care.


You can find my other circle shares here:


If you need help with shared circles, you can find lots of help here: Page Will Open on +Evernote
I hope you are will to help.


Rusty Ferguson 

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Man. This Lakers game_. 

The Lakers' season, so far, is :(

So I should just be glad that the Lakers lost only by single digit? 

Wait. The Lakers won? 

The Lakers should go on and prepare for next season. 
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