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malcolm snook
Author, adventurer and entrepreneur.
Author, adventurer and entrepreneur.

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Who Is Really Losing And Who is Winning?
One of the saddest things in this very realistic article from  The Independent  is the number of high quality professionals we're losing in academia and elsewhere. It's politically correct apparently for Remainers  to be known as Remoaners, but it's not pol...

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No, In Fact People Did Vote To Make Themselves Poorer
weeks and in some cases within days of the European referendum Brexit
people were crowing about the fact that the economy was booming,
which says more about their understanding of time scales than much
else. Mark
Carney and The Bank Of England, print...

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The Best Prime Minister Britain Never Had
Rising inflation, record levels of personal and household debt, no prospect of raising interest rates to protect the pound as a result and now a threat to the City Of London. So the warnings of Cameron and Osborne were a myth were they? On Channel 4 News a ...

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The Hypocrisy Goes On And On
I wonder
if the penny has yet dropped with many Brexit voters, that a vote for
Brexit was a vote for chaos, and we have it now in spades. Worse
still we have hypocrisy in spades too. In order to try and cling to
power the Tories are trying to cobble togethe...

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Let's Calm It Down A Little
For a
political blogger I have been strangely quiet of late, all through
the local elections and in the face of a general election too. Well,
I have been busy on other projects which I hope will do some good for
society and maybe earn me a crust as well. I ...

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A Liferaft In Shark Infested Waters
The latest poll, and we know how we can trust those, suggests the Tories will get 48% of the vote in the general election. An unnatural symmetry at least since 48% of us voted to remain in Europe. If memory serves the Tories got their current majority with ...

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Unilateral Military Action And A Bulldog Puppy
Last night President
Trump took military action against Syria. His previous assertion that
ISIS was the real enemy, out of the window. Of course he backed
himself into a corner by ridiculing Obama for not taking action last
time Assad used chemical weapons....

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The UK Politburo!
Critics have accused me
of predicting the future and say it is entirely unpredictable. They
are right I do look ahead and I do make assumptions. I try to make
them with a modicum of common sense and a reference to human nature
and history. Of course I could...

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Simply Calling For Unity Does Not Unity Create
If I was a dyed in the
wool, isolationist, anti European Brexit Lemming I'd be pretty happy
with our unelected as leader, leader. However, I'm a pro cooperation,
pro harmony, pro trade, pro peace, joined up world kind of a guy. Mrs May, representing
fifty t...
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