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Gill James
Writer of fiction for all ages Also editor and publisher
Writer of fiction for all ages Also editor and publisher


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Newsletter 15 November 2017
Socializing with ReChoired Dear
all, We're
now getting stuck into our new year and there are lots of plans afoot. We've
also had a couple of amazing events recently. First
of all, ReChoired, a super smaller
choir from Denmark joined us in October for a conc...

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The Ship Canal's not so bad after all
The Ship Canal's not so bad after all    I was delighted to have my story Tarting up the Ship Canal accepted by Step Away Magazine. You can
read it here.   Step Away seems a good publication to be in.
It has a touch of the literary about it. It's really odd...

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Autumn, Rydal and Singing
"I think I almost
prefer it when the sky is grey and moody," I say. "Yes, I know
what you mean."  You can't help but
think of Wordsworth and the way nature in this part of the world both spooked and
inspired him.   We are enjoying a
lovely lunch and looking...

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News 1 November 2017
News about my writing So, I plod on with my writing. I was beginning to despair that
things were going out of print faster than new items were being taken on when
out of the blue I received an email from a magazine publisher that said: " Yours stood apart f...

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Banned books, burnt books, freedom of speech, freedom of information and censorship
We're just about to release a very daring book. Its title is Citizens of Nowhere, ' Stories about
the Global Citizen'. Yes, you probably recognise the sentiments. And yes we're
probably being just a little bit political. At least we're doing it the way we

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A visit from ReChoired 19-22 October 2017
Enjoying good food and good company It was quite fabulous that Greater Manchester did its best
trick: it poured with rain and we got quite damp. No problem. It can be exactly
the same in Copenhagen. We all say: no such thing as bad weather, only bad

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Guest Author Dawn Knox
  What do you write? Why this in particular?   I write whatever takes my
fancy at the time and not necessarily what I actually set out to write! My first
published work was a short horror story which surprised me because at the time,
I was only intereste...

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  News about my writing We've just got
back from what is fast becoming an annual trip to Nerja on the Costa del Sol.
In theory we only go there every other year, but we're so drawn to it that
we'll probably now continue to go there once a year. It's an impo...
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