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Hey, I'm playing Castle Clash! Come join me and let's kick some ass!

im making french bread :D I feel fancy

so cold D:

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This is a Google+ Ripple test.

You need to reshare this publicly for it to work!

The more reshares the more interesting the test will be.

This will be posted on after we complete the test.

To view the ripple:

My room feels so weird with things getting put away and stuff. :( feels a little too empty

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Help kittens in animal shelters by playing with them over the internet. plus its an adorable kitty stress reliever

Woo HW 1/3 done :D

its so nice to have a live model for this weeks bio homework

Excuse me Mr.Ice Cream Truck... It is fall time and it was raining earlier. Nobody wants your ice cream, come back next summer.

all of these animations on youtube suck as references. cause they in themselves suck so much..... so much disappoint
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