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I agree, I love it too. I can identify with the love-hate relationship with working. Eye on the prize! 
It's vitally important to keep your eyes on the goal. It is vitally important that at all times you have some kind of self-talk to keep you focused. If you feel you are slipping from what you want to achieve you have to take ...
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I'm in north Thornton, Colorado, roughly 136th and CO, and the service is horrid. I've called and emailed five times in the last 2 months I've had the service and it was a waste of time. I get 1.4 Mbps down, .022 up, not the 12 I pay for. I called tonight to ask for a technician and I didn't know some 3 digit mystery code so they wouldn't send someone out. I could have dug out paper from 2 months ago but why would I need to verify my identity off a piece of paper when I have other forms of verification? One is that I would have opened the DOOR to MY HOUSE tomorrow between 8-12. They don't want to fix it, fine, I will go to Comcast and will never give CenturyLink another dime. In fact, I'll be demanding a refund. Awful customer service, awful infrastructure. Don't do it, just go to Comcast. If you want DirectTV, order it separately like I did. CenturyLink is operating like they're back in the 90s. Screw these guys. Robbery
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If you are selling your home, I absolutely recommend Mani Raveendran, especially in the current market in the Dallas Area. He sold my house in the mid-cities in May 2016. My house was very modern and updated when compared to most of the houses in the neighborhood, which posed some concerns for many agents in pushing the price where I needed it to be. I had interviewed a few very experienced agents in my local area before I talked to Mani Raveendran. Mani brought a very interesting perspective to the entire sale cycle, and his pricing, marketing and negotiation strategy were unique. I was in a time crunch to put the house in the market, he was able move around things and my house was in the market 1 week from the time I talked to him first. We had 26 showings in the first weekend, 2 open houses, had 12 offers. The most important things is that Mani was able to get an offer that was 9 % over the HIGHEST sold home in the entire neighborhood with NO APPRAISAL issues. He did not come across as a cookie cutter agent, he is very critical and on top of his game when it comes to taking care of his client’s needs. I highly recommend you interview him - you will not be sorry!
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Super happy with Marcus (photographer) and all three shots. He was right about not wearing dark lipstick too. :)
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I've been seeing Anna for over a year for color and cuts and I love her! I'm moving to Denver, and my visits with Anna will be one of the things I miss in Texas. I am a natural red head but it darkened over the years. At first Anna and I just did highlights, but I switched to all over lighter red color and just a touch of highlights. It looks just like it looked when I was a kid and I love it! Red can be a hard color to master and Anna had patience with me while I was figuring out what exactly I wanted. If you want nice, blended highlights, go see her. She will not put choppy streaks in your hair. :)
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I bought counters and cabinets through Home Depot and this is their subcontractor. The cabinet order and installation went well, the countertops not so well. Their customer service and ability to be accurate both suck.1. The measure guy was late so he had to talk to my contractor. 2. The measure guy not only messed up a measurement but completely forgot to measure a section which was included in the order that Home Depot sent over. It also took them a week and a half to send the final figures to Home Depot. 3. I had to chase down an install date. Had I not been hounding them, who knows when I would have heard from them. 4. When they did schedule a time, they said they'd be there from 9-12. When 1:20 rolled around and I had to go catch a flight, I once again tried to chase down these people and see when someone would show. They refused to come in my house with me not there. I have never gotten so angry, and I'm pretty proud of myself for not using any foul language but when I finally gave the manager a butt chewing and told them they would use the lock box code and that I would have my freaking countertops when I got home, they relented and said they'd call Home Depot for approval. I had already called Home Depot, so they gave it, but I was so mad I was shaking. Pissed. It's not my fault they can't respect their customer's time and do what they say they're going to do. They were in my home until 8PM that night. 5. My roommate called to tell me that pieces were missing. Seriously? 6. They did get back for the re-measure pretty quickly and when I called later that morning to get on their schedule, they wouldn't schedule me until I paid Home Depot for the section they forgot before. The woman also didn't seem to know what I was talking about when I asked whether they could get back out within three business days like the installer told my roommate. She acted like this wasn't their screw up. If I don't have my countertops in by mid-week, I'm going to lose my sh*t on these people and I'll be demanding compensation from Home Depot for my time lost. This company shouldn't even be charging me for this last little piece. It's the least they could do. The Home Depot salesperson has been fantastic but the company needs to find a better countertop contractor. I'm waiting on this to be finished so I can get an appraisal done and this is costing me money and their arrogant attitude and incompetence is testing my patience for sure. I've had all cabinets in but no counters since Oct. 13, so this is 42 days and counting.
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