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Capturing local opportunity
Capturing local opportunity

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How do you go about getting good back-links?

Check out +Mark Traphagen's info packed wrap-up of the quality back-link development and content marketing session at #SMX West.

Okay, we're a bit biased because our guy +Kevin Mullett is featured, but make sure to check out the solid advice provided by David Christopher and +Purna Virji as well. Both rocked their presentations!

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We hope you have not constructed your website out of bamboo because Google just released another Panda (4.0) into the wild. And it's hungry!

Due to our quality guidelines, our clients are actually seeing improvements as lower quality competitors get chewed up. Go us.

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If you are choosing PPC over Organic search or vice versa, you need to check out this post by Matt Nickols.

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A Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How Many, Which Ones, and Where to Use Them:

Local SEOs Aren't Talking About Midday Sleep: What's A NAP?

That “NAP” reference you’ve undoubtedly seen around isn’t all that mysterious. NAP is simply the acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number. An absolutely consistent NAP is critically important for local SEO visibility. It allows the search engines to know, with high confidence, that you are who you say you are and you in fact do business where you say you’re located.

Each full or partial use of your NAP is called a citation. For example, if your local Chamber has a public online business directory and lists your companies Name, Address, and Phone number that would count as a citation. If they only mentioned your name and phone number that would be a partial citation.

Citations from authoritative--non-spammy--sites are good; citations from authoritative and relevant local sites are great.

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~ via +Kevin Mullett 

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The Why And How of Creating ‘Snackable’ Content:

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As we expected, based on conversations at SMX West, Google AdWords will now go Not Provided. —

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Our CEO +Matthew Nickols spells out a marketing direction for businesses in the Multi-Location arena, though other businesses could glean some incite as well. 

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By Channel Marketer Report — MarketSnare Helps Multi-Location Marketers Amplify Local Presence

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+Manny Rivas interviews +Kevin Mullett to discuss his presentation on SEO Tools for Winning Business at #SMX  West, and our new Content Opportunity Report tool.

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