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The latest Express Entry draw, which took place on April 19, 2017, has issued 3,665 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent resident status to candidates in the Express Entry pool with Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores of 415 or above. Marking the lowest CRS requirement yet, this draw brings the total number of ITAs issued since the introduction of the Express Entry system in January, 2015, to over 100,000.

So far in the first four months of 2017, 35,973 ITAs have been issued. This is higher than the total number of ITAs issued during the year of 2016. Candidates who received an ITA in this draw are now in a position to submit an application for Canadian permanent resident status to the federal government. Accompanying family members, including spouses or common-law partners, as well as dependent children, may also come to Canada along with the principal applicant. IRCC aims to process complete submitted applications within six months.

The opening months of 2017 have witnessed a series of decreasing CRS requirements and increasing numbers of ITAs issued. This followed predictions made by IRCC towards the end of 2016 that changes to the Express Entry system and the CRS would result in a greater number of ITAs being issued, and consequently a drop in the CRS score requirement.
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Come To Know Canada

Canada is the second largest countries in the world with ten provinces & three territories, consisting size of around 3.85 square miles. It is surrounded by the North Pacific Ocean from the west, the North Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Arctic Ocean at the north and the border of United States aligns with its south part.

The climate is mainly winter here; population is remarkably low around 35,540,400 according to size and current GDP per capita is $ 50,271.1. Mostly used languages are English & French and multiculturalism is practiced within the country. When we think of Canada, image of snow capped mountain, waterscapes, extra ordinary land with enormous beauty come into our mind. The country is ingenious with Petroleum, natural gas, minerals, valuable stones, fish & wildlife all over.

Nova Scotia is located at eastern part of Canada line up with the Atlantic Ocean and close to northern America. This is the 2nd smallest province (about 55, 283 square Kilo meters) among the others with 921,727 inhabitants. Current GDP per capita is in CAD $39,077. Its provincial capital is Halifax and weather is windy & continental with four distinct season’s winter, spring, summer and fall. Culture of Halifiax specially seizes art, music, film, television, literature & sports. This is also famous for caring its tourism with ethnic heritage museums, music & cultural festival, natural landscape & coastlines.

Nova Scotia is pioneer in establishing educational institute and has more academic institutions per capita than anywhere else in Canada. More than 200 years old educational institute Kings College (1789) & Saint M ary’s University (1802) are still representing its value and this place has more than 450 public schools for the children and so many vocational school & colleges for training & education purpose. Its natural resources are mineral specially coal and soil is very rich with sediments which is highly productive to grow fruits & vegetables.
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4 Actions To Do For Getting A Job In Canada

Canada’s leading industries are looking for skilled immigrants like you to fill urgent skills gaps. This is the place to take the first step and start applying for your next big career opportunity in Canada. You can search for Canadian employers by industry to find a suitable job that matches your skills and qualifications using Canadian job sites like: Job Boom, Monster, Job Bank etc.

The big question is how can you get a job in Canada while you are being outside of Canada?
Here are the suggested action steps.

Step 1: Understand about Canada and the Canadian Job Market
Firstly, it’s very important that you research about Canada, its provinces and cities for weather, culture, community and travel to prioritize your options to live permanently.

Before searching for jobs, you must evaluate job demands and outlook for your specific occupation in Canada.

Canada is huge country and there are specific regions with higher demands for specific occupations. It is important to find out provinces and cities where your occupation is in highest demand and lowest in supply.

You must understand the nature of Canadian job market ie open and hidden job market and seasonal demands in order to develop effective job search strategy.

You should also connect with manpower recruiters or career consultants in your field to find more about industry and the sector and region specific, direct and implied job requirements.
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7 Reasons Why Canada Is The Best Country In The World

1 Economy

There is unlimited opportunity and potential to be found in Canada’s fast growing and industrialized economy. As one of the riches countries, Canada also offers the highest standard of living while decreasing taxes and strengthening their economy with a 2.3% inflation rate.

Canadians also get to keep an increasing amount of their income each year, with the average annual income being around $40,000. The economy continues to improve with the lowest unemployment rate since 1976 (6.8%) and hundreds of thousands of new jobs created annually. Aside from the economic facts and statistics, the currency in Canada is truly awesome. They use colorful paper money, one dollar coins (Loonies) and two dollar coins (Toonies).

2 Health

Canadians consider health care to be a fundamental right. This is why free healthcare is such an important part of what makes Canada awesome. While the process may be slower, the quality of health care is among the highest in the world, and everyone has access to the medical treatment that they need. The cost of recovery is never a concern, no matter what health challenges you face. The access to social assistance programs and affordable housing also contribute to the overall wellbeing and health of the nation that takes care of its people.

Aside from free health care, there is a social health consciousness that can be seen in traditions like the Wednesday yoga class on the lawn of the nation’s capital. Every Wednesday in the summertime, yoga enthusiasts can join in on this one hour yoga class tradition that has included as many as 2,500 people at one time, and averages 1,000 participants per class.
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7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Canada

1. Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy, located in Eastern Canada in between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is known for its amazing tides. The variation between high and low is the largest in the world, measuring up to a maximum of 19 meters (10 fathoms). While there are many ways to appreciate this natural wonder, some of the most popular locations and sights along the Bay of Fundy are the cliffs and rock formations at Hopewell Cape, Fundy National Park, the Fundy Trail Parkway, and Grand Manan Island.

2. Calgary Stampede

This ten-day affair is one of the most widely anticipated events in Western Canada, with many locals and summertime travelers planning their holidays around the Calgary Stampede. For this week in July, the city of Calgary turns into a true western town, where people who might otherwise be wearing suits to work instead don jeans and cowboy boots. At the Stampede Grounds are daily rodeo events drawing participants from across North America, thrill rides, games, food, and the nightly Grandstand Show. Around town, free “Stampede Breakfasts” are hosted by numerous establishments either at indoor or outdoor locations and usually consist of pancakes. Many big name country music performers also typically come to the city for this event.
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20 Disney Quotes That Will Inspire You to Remarkable Success in all spheres of life – Part -1

There’s a lot of wisdom in all those Disney films — here are some of the best quotes to inspire you in business and in life.

1.“Now, think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.” — Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

2.“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

3.“Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.” — Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

4.“Change is good.” — Rafiki (The Lion King)

5. “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” — Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)
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Canada Needs Immigration to Balance Aging Population

A new report from the Conference Board of Canada has found that immigration levels should increase to 413,000 per year by 2030 to strengthen Canada’s economic growth. The report highlights the need for increased immigration in order to respond to challenges posed by Canada’s aging population. It is projected that without significant policy changes, including a substantial increase in immigration, the costs required to support retirees could undermine the strength of Canada’s economy in the coming decades.
Proposed Scenarios

The report proposed four scenarios for the future of Canada’s population growth. Across all scenarios, it is clear that immigration is an essential component, and that improving the fertility rate — 1.6 births per woman in 2015 — is not enough to maintain the economy.

In the report’s most optimistic scenario, it is projected that Canada inviting up to 413,000 immigrants per year by 2030 will result in the strongest economic growth. This scenario — in which Canada’s population increases to 100 million by the year 2100 — ‘results in a sharp increase in Canada’s potential output over the long term,’ states the report. Under this scenario, the increase in economic growth results in greater revenue for the provincial and federal governments. The number of homeowners also increases, leading to greater spending on durable goods.

Another scenario posed by the report projects that if immigration grows moderately, but shifts to a younger demographic of new arrivals, the impact on Canada’s economy and fertility rates could be significant. For example, if more men and women come to start careers and families in Canada, the country may benefit from their economic input and the input of their children for future generations.
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Notice – Supplementary Information 2017 Immigration Levels Plan

Ottawa, October 31, 2016 — Following the tabling of the 2016 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration on October 31, 2016, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is pleased to release details on its 2017 Immigration Levels Plan. Canada will welcome between 280,000 and 320,000 (target 300,000) new permanent residents in 2017.
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CRS Requirement Decreases in Largest Ever Express Entry Draw

The first Express Entry draw for immigration to Canada of 2017 has taken place, with 2,902 candidates in the pool having been issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence on January 4. The number of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points required in order for a candidate to receive an ITA in this draw was 468, the joint-lowest CRS threshold since February of last year.

Invited candidates have 90 days to submit their application, including supporting documents. Once Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has approved an application — a process that usually takes less than six months — these individuals, as well as accompanying family members, may land in Canada as new permanent residents.

The response to the latest draw, the 51st in total since Express Entry was first launched two years ago, has been positive. Over the latter months of last year, the number of ITAs issued per draw increased, to the point where draw sizes are now around four times what they were during the summer months of 2016.

A positive start to 2017

“Over the last three or four months of 2016, positive developments in Express Entry came one after the other, and quickly. There was the announcement of the of the 2017 Immigration Levels Plan, which targets more newcomers through the system than ever before, then there were the welcome changes to the Comprehensive Ranking System. These changes should allow more candidates to realize their goal of settling in Canada as permanent residents,” says Attorney David Cohen.

“In addition, we are seeing larger draws than ever. Combined with the recent changes, this has had the effect of the point threshold decreasing.”
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